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Portafiller naked conversions

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  • Portafiller naked conversions

    Hi all,

    I have just converted my Breville BES800 portafiller to naked with a hole-saw and files. Takes about 15 minutes.

    I'm willing to do anyone else's, assuming you bring it to me or pay all postage. I'm located near Liverpool in SW Sydney.
    Let me know what the internal diameter of your portafiller is (or model), and I'll see if I have a hole-saw that's close enough to file.

    Here's a few pictures:

    Hat removed...

    Take that portafiller! Now for some filing...

    Hmm, maybe a bit more filing...


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    Very nice.


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      Nice work and a very generous offer L3N!


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        Nice work, and good on ya for the kind offer. I'm going to try this one myself with a spare pf.


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          Good job. I did my first naked lelit PF with a hike saw and a drill press. Used some lube and took a while but with a bit of sanding to remove the sharp edges turned out great. It blunted the saw though, probably as my hole saw set was the cheap multi size thin variety.



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            Thanks for the heads up,will source a second portafiller and try the same,thanks once again.


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              Nice job! What size Is the 800 portafilter?


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                The BES800 uses a 51mm portafilter. I have since upgraded to a BES920 which uses a 58mm portafilter and is really nice

                I have done another conversion for a CSer early last year. I can't remember the brand of his machine but it was a 2 head lever machine that used I think a 48mm portafilter. The nearest holesaw I had was quite a bit smaller than that and I think it took be about an hour to file down.

                A few days ago I did another naked conversion for another CSer of his Sunbeam 6910 58mm portafilter. Used a flapwheel in the drill instead of a file, which made it easier, quicker and had a nicer finish.

                Immediately after drilling hole
                Click image for larger version

Name:	20150114_182720 - (1024x576).jpg
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	20150115_184551 - (1024x576).jpg
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Name:	20150115_184554 - (1024x576).jpg
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                  Are there any Canberrans who have done naked portafilter conversions?



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                    The last one I just added photos of are for a guy from Melbourne who posted it to me.


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                      I'm looking for a 54mm naked unit for my Breville 870. Some early Breville portafilters are a lot cheaper than the 870


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                        Hi Mel,

                        I haven't done one but seems to be pretty straight forward and I should have the necessary tools so if you want to have a go let me know.

                        What size is your portafilter so i can check if I have a suitable holesaw.

                        BTW, I'm in Latham.



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                          Problem Solved

                          Gary (Gazza)

                          I'm now a proud owner of a naked portafilter, thanks to you for the great and professional job you did.

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                            Nice job gazza!


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                              This was done with the portafilter turning in a lathe and the holesaw fixed in the tailstock. I was very surprised at how well the cut went !!