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Portafiller naked conversions

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    Originally posted by lappa View Post
    I'm looking for a 54mm naked unit for my Breville 870. Some early Breville portafilters are a lot cheaper than the 870
    Did you have any luck?? I wouldn't mind getting a naked 54mm for my Breville 840......


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      I did another conversion last Friday, used the same method on the lathe with a 57mm hole saw.

      Click image for larger version

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        The first one is always the best. Wink,Wink.

        Do you want to come over for a coffee, I've got some nice single origin.


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          have you done any 54mm portafilters?


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            Nope, but as long as the handle can be removed it shouldn't be a problem.



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              Originally posted by gazza View Post
              Nope, but as long as the handle can be removed it shouldn't be a problem
              Hmm, I don't think the Breville portafilters have removeable handles

              I will try when I get home, but if the 800ES portafilter here at work is anything to go by then it's not (or I'm just not being forceful enough)


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                Breville handles are all moulded in as far as I'm aware.


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                  I'll have to check the clearance over the bed of the lathe.

                  What is the measurement from the center of the basket to the end of the handle ??



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                    Nice thread and my admiration on the quality of all these jobs!

                    Inspired by this thread I converted my Silvia's stock PF yesterday. Alas as I'm a frugal sucker I choked at the prospect of plumping down ~$30 for the 57mm holesaw plus another $30 for the correct arbor to hold it. Made do with a $30 Craftright holesaw kit which had all in it BUT the closest size was 51mm. Anyway chatted with the staff member who when I asked him about cutting fluid said any oil is ok - so used some old cooking oil.

                    The real PITA for me was that I don't have a proper vice etc to hold it - had to make do with the very sketchy holding abilities of a old B&D workstation with the screw in sides. The cutting was a tad tricky as the brass being soft it was hard to keep the 51mm HS centred but drilled from inside out and went quite well. Running late on time so I worked it in my hand for about 45mins with a dremel and half round file to smooth & further reduce sides (As have around 4mm extra on base than where the ideal side meets base corner is).

                    Need to get a proper vice and also perhaps a rasp fitting for my drill etc - THOUGH to be fair the 4mm at bottom doesn't impact an extraction at all (is still well inside where the bottom of the basket looms over) so purely aesthetics.

                    Uber envious of those with lathes etc.....makes me so wish I wash back in metal/woodwork class at school. Already seeing the benefit of a naked PF as picked up info from the first extractions this morning on a few things less than ideal. :-)


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                      I did my 51 mm P/F with a battery drill and holesaw.
                      I held it in my hand while I did it!
                      It was no issue at all.
                      The hole saw was a perfect fit, centred by a drill, virtually no chattering.

                      A small amount of cleaning up with rough emery tape and it is perfect.
                      Photo to come.

                      The basket is a Krups, the ridge is a little lower in the basket than the Breville/Sunbeam one, meaning the P/F has to go further to the right.
                      I will fix it when I get a Krups double basket for my EM4800c/EM5600.
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                        I did this yesterday for my gaggia classic. I think it was a 54mm hole saw, cost me $25 or so. I already had the arbor.

                        In lieu of a vice I used an F clamp on a saw horse, held it tightly enough. I put a spacer under the handle so that the top of the porter filter was flush against the saw horse. I removed the handle and clamped against the square part of the portafilter.

                        About 10 minutes of slow drilling with my cordless drill did it neatly for me. I squirted inox at regular intervals. I used rough sandpaper to smooth the edges.



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                          As rocket machine came with two portafilters I decided to make one naked as I had all the tools here already. I put "metal mend" in the spout to keep the drill centred and stop movement - however most likely planned it out much more than needed seeing as someone said they did it hand held!

                          Drilled - slow and hard with cutting fluid. Took about 20 seconds.

                          After a quick sand - didn't bother cleaning too much, just got rid of sharp edges.

                          Also willing to help others free of cost. Brisbane, Hamilton area.


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                            Great work Timbo, looks very professional!

                            I might take you up on your very generous offer. I work pretty close to Hamilton and ill hopefully be purchasing a new machine in the near future.

                            Maybe we could work out some sort of trade when the time comes


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                              Has anyone converted at BES920 PF?

                              I've looked at it many times and it's my impression the handle actually attaches to both the side and bottom so if you cut out the bottom, you will loose a lot of strength.

                              I've converted a 6910 PF and that one attaches to the side so cutting the bottom out makes no difference to the strength of the PF. The BES920 is a different design


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                                What does it look like? I've fot a Breville one here, but think it might be off an 860.