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!!!PRESUMED TAKEN!!! - Wrapping up my coretto home system PERTH ONLY

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  • !!!PRESUMED TAKEN!!! - Wrapping up my coretto home system PERTH ONLY

    Hi folks,
    After 15 years of roasting at home with the little DIY coretto system first promoted on this site, I am coming to the time where I need to wrap up my system. My hope is that I can pass this on to someone who really enjoy this little hobby and who will make use of the gear and beans I have. I am not looking for any money for the system - I just don't want it to go to waste. The joy of learning how to roast originally through my contacts on this site has been incredible and the amount of pleasure the endless stream of roasted coffee has brought to my family and friends has been priceless.

    The system is pretty simple:
    1x stainless trolly on wheels with built in exhaust fan and stainless cooling tray (it also comes with two stainless drawers that are not attached but can sit under trolley on base).
    1x Breville bread machine that has been decommissioned as a heating machine and simply turns on and off as required. It has hole drilled in through side of machine and into bread bin for measuring bean temp
    1x Makita heat gun on a drill press
    1x Digital Thermostat

    I also have 3x bins with green beans ready to go too. Beans were purchased this year from Kam at Leftfield Coffee in Osborne Park (weights are approx.)
    50kg Columbian
    25kg El Salvador
    25kg Barundi

    Pick up is from Padbury (PERTH) - TAKEN***
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    Very generous of you.