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  • Sunbeam EM2300

    Hi all

    I have my good ol EM2300 (which started me on my CS journey!) to give away

    It has some heating problems - the boiler seems to heat the water too hot when brewing (thermostat problem?) I was going to try and fix it as a bit of a hobby but cant be bothered now.

    May be good for some parts (no pf or baskets included tho). can pick up from kensington, sydney.

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    Re: Sunbeam EM2300

    Is it still available?


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      Re: Sunbeam EM2300

      still sitting in the store room. pm me to organise a time!


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        Re: Sunbeam EM2300

        i started with an em2300. i really like it.

        i think its way better than most of the sunbeam range for starting out with. if its not gone yet, someone should grab it. ive used the em3800 and em4800 and they arent nearly as nice.

        the 2300 has a boiler (not thermoblock) and if i had to guess, id say it was getting to WELL over 110 degrees. it requires quite a long cooling flush before brewing (draw water until theres no steam coming out of the group dealie).

        although the pump doesnt handle the high pressure well, i was getting some occasionally very nice shots, just paired with an em0450 grinder and some unpressurised baskets.

        the steam wand is of course a piece of piss though