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!!!GONE!!! - Rotary pump and motor Melbourne SE

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  • !!!GONE!!! - Rotary pump and motor Melbourne SE

    Hi folks,

    Up for grabs is an RPM pump motor and Fluidotech rotary pump in somewhat dubious condition.

    This is an external pump from a commercial machine, and the o-ring on the pressure adjustment screw failed resulting in a leak.

    Water pooled below the pump and rusted out the motor mount over time. Instead of changing the mount, the whole unit was replaced.

    Ive replaced the o ring, and the pump now runs OK. Having said that, I wouldnt trust it as far as I could throw it (which is not far, its quite heavy) so this is strictly for the DIY tinkerer and dont think for a second this is a suitable backup for a machine in commercial use!!

    Other things missing apart from the motor mount: Terminal cover screws, cable gland and it could use a bigger capacitor - this one is only 10 uF.

    PICKUP ONLY evenings and weekends.


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    Re: Rotary pump and motor Melbourne SE

    Pm sent


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      Re: Rotary pump and motor Melbourne SE

      Looks like this is spoken for