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!!!GONE!!! - Coffeesnobs green coffee bags

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  • !!!GONE!!! - Coffeesnobs green coffee bags

    Have a dozen Coffeesnobs green coffee bags to give away to anyone who want them for any reason.
    For example, I use one of them to store my dog snacks, and the other to store loose change. Have also strung a few together to make a fridge top cover to keep dust at bay.

    You can pick up if youre in Perth. Anywhere else, can post at your expense.

    Gary at G
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    Re: Coffeesnobs green coffee bags

    Ha, Ha, Ha,

    Jokes on me...

    I got all excited till I realized the bags do not contain beans!!

    Silly me,

    Ill just have to order my own- full of beans...



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      Re: Coffeesnobs green coffee bags

      Sorry ol grumpy

      I would like to give a dozen full bags to give away if i could, but i love my coffee too much. ;D

      I will confirm these are empty bags lying around waiting. they can be recycled and re-used.


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        Re: Coffeesnobs green coffee bags

        Great recycling idea- give them back to Andy


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          Re: Coffeesnobs green coffee bags

          If theres no interest by end of next month, ill do that. As long as theyre being re-used or recycled. i dont like anything going to waste.


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            Hey Gary,

            I would really love to take them off your hands if you haven't already found a home for them.



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              Hi Amelia. Sent PM to u. Ta.


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                I have a bunch as well, are we able to give them back to Andy i would be happy with that. (sending them back might cost a bit)
                So does anyone have any ideas of what could be done with them?


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                  I,ve given one of them to the boss at work for keeping loose change. Apart from what i,ve done with them mentioned above, lately i used one of them to keep my socks in the one bag to keep out dust.


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                    The first time my better half spotted the CS bags, she said "mmmmm with a few more of these I could make a quilt".
                    She likes her coffee as much as me


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                      First lot of bags have gone to a good home. I have 10 more bags to give away.


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                        Bags are now gone. Thread to be locked thanks.