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!!!GONE!!! - EM6910 - Steam pump u/s? - Free to good home.

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  • !!!GONE!!! - EM6910 - Steam pump u/s? - Free to good home.

    Our EM6910 has served us well. It was purchased in Dec 2007, and I replaced the collar in 2009. At that time I also bought the newer model group handle ( the lugs are a different shape, and don't burr like the original), and changed the steam tip to the newer rounded style. It has been kept clean, and made good coffee up until the steam stopped.

    I've checked the steam switch, and it's OK. As I have regularly cleaned and descaled the machine, and there was no indication of any clogging, i.e. there was full steam one day and literally none the next, I suspect the steam pump is the problem.

    I was thinking of upgrading for a while, but was getting great service from the Sunbeam. When the steam died I bit the bullet and bought a new machine and grinder.

    A new steam pump is about $65 and easy to fit. Aside from the steam not working the low water level alarm was constantly on. A new water tank magnet is under $20, but I just cut a fridge magnet and placed a piece of it next to the sensor to both turn the light off and shut the alarm up.

    So, what's the point of all this? I don't see the point of throwing what is otherwise a good machine into a rubbish skip. If anyone wants to take it on as either a "rescue", or as an "organ donor" for their own EM6910, then I'm happy to donate it if they want to pick it up.

    I'm in Sydney. Inner Westish. PM me if interested
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    pm sent..........


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      EM6910 - Steam pump u/s? - Free to good home.

      Is this still available? If so, I would like to have it. Thanks.


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        Sorry. The machine has been acquired by gmgmgm, so is no longer available.