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!!!GONE!!! - Sunbeam EM5800 x2 (suit parts / repair)

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  • !!!GONE!!! - Sunbeam EM5800 x2 (suit parts / repair)

    I've got two EM5800's up for grabs.

    Machine 1 (left in the pic) works fine apart from a suspected worn seal in the hot water wand. Up until this morning it was my main machine. The leak from the water wand has slowly been getting worse - when you're pouring a shot a small amount of water dribbles out.

    The second machine hasn't been used for over 2 years, but I know that the hot water solenoid/valve thing works fine. The pcb on this machine is cooked though, so it won't even power up.

    They come with 2 group handles and 1 single basket and 1 double basket (both the standard pressurized ones)

    Pick up only, from West Footscray, Melbourne VIC3012

    At this price (free) I figure they could be of use to someone?
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    Seems like I don't have enough posts to be able to include the pic yet..


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      That's better


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        Hi, I'm in the process of rebuilding/repairing an EM4800 so would definitely be keen to take the non-worker off your hands, inclusion of the group handle and double basket would also be a great bonus if its not too much to ask. I'll send you a PM.


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          Cool, it'd be good to see them used.
          I don't think they have much resale value, but too good to bin.


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            These are now sitting on my bench thanks again!


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              Probably safe to mark this as 'Gone' - how does one summon the mods?