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Breadmaker/heatgun home roasting setup (Wellington, NZ)

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  • Breadmaker/heatgun home roasting setup (Wellington, NZ)

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to head overseas for a while in a few months time and am tidying up all of my things. I have my old home roasting set up which is free to a good home if anyone is in the region and would like it. It's a little old and well used but it does the trick very well and should feed the addiction for a little while at least.

    What are we looking at?

    - A Sunbeam breadmaker (sans lid), which with the long distance assistance of some of the wiser snobs has been rewired to run continuously
    -A bosch heat gun, two settings. I've cut some of the plastic from the front of it off as the high temperatures were causing it to warp
    -A home made bean cooler, made out of a bucket with a vacuum cleaner motor mounted in it. This thing is a beast, and with the addition of a colander, will drop beans to room temperature in 90 seconds or so.
    -Various extension cords to allow you to roast away from areas that the other half considers 'inappropriate for roasting'

    A couple of things need attention - the heatgun needs a new clamp fitted to the handle to mount it onto the BM (already has some hose clamps on it so all you need is a new clamp and a screwdriver); and the cooler needs a colander. Nearly any metal one will do. Also note that the cooler has no switch, so brace yourself for jet-engine levels of noise when it is plugged in.

    Anyhow, flick me a PM if you're interested. This will be a tremendous hassle to post so I would really prefer if someone was able to pick it up. I have some old robusta beans lying around as well for 'calibrating' purposes.


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