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!!GONE!! Beans.

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  • !!GONE!! Beans.

    Hi guys I have a heap of greens that I will never get through, especially as I keep buying more from Bean Bay.

    I bought a second hand Gene Cafe last year and it came with about 30kgs so I am overstocked and it is shame to let them go past 3 yrs old without roasting.

    Probabably 15 to 20 kilos or more so I if there is enough interest we can give away two lots. I am located near Bribie Island north of Brisbane.

    Got some Sumatra Mandheling 2009, Kenya Gitwe A, Decaf Wow!!!!, Ethiopians, India Shimla Honey, PNG, and a few others, mostly from Bean Bay except a few odd ones.

    Let me know if you want to take these off my hands. Thanks guys.

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    Don't assume beans are no good once they are past 3-years old. Depending on how well they have been stored, they may be still palatable. Give the Mandheling a try for example. I've had a good cup from beans that were well over 4 years old.


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      Thanks flynnaus, I have tried them all. They all taste fine and roast well, but nothing has really stood out as fantasic. This could be either the way I have roasted or the way i have brewed, or who knows what other variable. I am still learning a lot, and finding I like the lower acidity beans, but will keep trying different beans and roast/brew methods.

      These taste good just nothing spectacular, whether they are past their best or not I am not sure but I have more coffee than I could possibly consume in the next few years.

      They have been stored on shelves in my garage, in the cotton Bean Bay bags. I am sure these are good for drinking, and I have heard of people saying that they have experienced amazing coffee from greens that have matured for 4 or more years. The thing is though, at the rate I drink coffee it would take years to get through all of these and they are already 3+years old. I still am buying and trying different beans also so these older ones would be better going to good home.


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        The best way to check on the bean quality is to do cupping roasts and cup the resultant coffee.
        Anything that is woody, (especially pine), straw or hay like, or tastes flat, with lower acidity than when the beans were new,
        has suffered from ageing. Dark roasting will hide some of these defects to varying degrees.
        And of course, some beans are deliberately aged (Indo's and some monsooned beans) to bring another dimension to the cup.


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          I am not great at describing flavours, but I would say the older beans just taste a little bland. They don't seem to have character like they should. You said flat with lower acidity, and this is probably what I am describing. I might try some of the older ones again and see if I can taste any woody/pine, straw/hay.


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            I'd love to take some off your hands but alas I'm a little bit further than a long paper round away in Melbourne! Good on you for offering these to a fellow roaster. No doubt will be appreciated by a happy Queenslander.


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              I have PM'd you - could be a nice Sat drive.


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                something on the Sunshine coast for once,

                I can PU if still there




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                  Okay guys, the first two locals to respond were scottydog and Outbackstriker. I will divide these up for them if they want to collect.

                  Sorry Hildy and C-man, i don't think it is worth going 3 or 4 ways in these.

                  These are gone pending pickup