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!!!TAKEN!!! - Genuine La Pavoni scoop and two 52mm 'double' filter baskets.

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  • !!!TAKEN!!! - Genuine La Pavoni scoop and two 52mm 'double' filter baskets.

    Hey folks,

    I picked up a La Pavoni Espresso Si for cheap recently and it had some spare bits and pieces with it. These two filter baskets don't actually fit the portafilter on the machine which I believe is 53mm. So I think these might be 52mm baskets off another La Pavoni as I know the former owner had a few machines. I can measure them properly with the vernier at work if need be, but for now I can say for certain that the maximum outside diameter of the lip of both baskets is 61mm, and it looks like they hold 12-15g of coffee. The scoop is black plastic and in very good condition.
    These will be 100% free including postage to any NZ address, but I may need AUS$5.00 (paid into an Australian bank account) to send to an Australian address to cover international shipping costs. We can worry about that later though as it may not turn out to be too expensive. Flick me a PM if you're interested.

    Click image for larger version

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    May I put my hand up for your baskets and la Pavoni scoop and we can call it quits for postage for the wand?
    If that suits you I will PM address info,thanks.


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      Sounds good Mick. No one else has claimed them so send through your address and you've got a deal.


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        The scoop and baskets arrived safely today,fitted them to the La Pavoni professional lever machine, they fit just nicely,thank you.
        I think the set is almost complete,just need the frothing attachment that draws the milk.
        I've seen them on YouTube,seem to be normally included when purchased new.
        I'll keep on the lookout.