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!!!PRESUMED TAKEN!!! - Water filters

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  • !!!PRESUMED TAKEN!!! - Water filters

    I have just upgraded to the Brita C150 water filter system so I have some unused filters that I no longer have a need for:
    • 3-pack of Brita Maxtra cartridges, unopened. I also have the jug, but you probably don't want that. It's about 7 years old and not in great condition.
    • Fisher & Paykel fridge filter cartridge. Suits Filter System Model 836860, replacement cartridge 836848. This is an external cartridge with 1/4" John Guest connectors so may work in other fridge and filter systems with the same fittings. Includes mounting bracket, but not tubing or 350 kPa PLV (I'm re-using those for the C150 system).

    Pick up from postcode 3127.

    Click image for larger version

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    Note that both of these products are for drinking water only. They don't reduce water hardness so will not prevent scale buildup in an espresso machine.


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      Originally posted by dmo View Post
      Note that both of these products are for drinking water only. They don't reduce water hardness so will not prevent scale buildup in an espresso machine.
      That is not quite right. To quote the Brita website, “MAXTRA filter cartridge contains a mixture of ion exchange resins and activated carbon that has been tested to food grade quality. The ion exchange resin used reduces the carbonate hardness (limescale) and reduces the metals such as copper and lead, that can occur as a result of domestic installation. The activated carbon removes substances that may impair taste, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds (where present).”



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        Originally posted by Barry_Duncan View Post
        That is not quite right.
        My understanding is that they are not recommended for use in espresso machines. E.g. see Filtration | Talk Coffee
        Will a Brita jug from the supermarket do?

        Whilst these claim to soften water, the reality is that they’re good for a few litres at best. These jugs are really just for drinking water.
        I guess my language was imprecise. I just didn't want anyone to get the impression that I was recommending these for espresso machines.



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          Brita Maxtra cartridges have been claimed. F&P fridge filter still available.


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            The Brita jugs don't seem well regarded here on CS. My view is that if your water quality is not too bad and if you track volume through each filter and change the filter early enough then it's not a bad option.

            I've lived in places where the water quality was harder than diamonds. Buy a new jug, boil it once, and you've got a massive snowstorm of calcium chunks in the jug. In such situations, a Brita jug filter (actually one of those aquarium-style models) kept the calc down as long as you changed it often enough. And it wasn't hard to tell when it needed changing from the emerging snowstorm in the jug. I didn't have an espresso machine at this point in time, and I'm not saying that a filter like this would work for espresso with that kind of atrocious water quality. But it did demonstrate to me that these filters are able to remove / reduce calc.


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              I've used the Brita jugs for the past 4 years. I have no valid control sample, and my water is pretty soft anyway, but the Brita jug and the regularly refreshed particle filter in the water tank seems to have the job for me. Not sure I'd rely on it Adelaide, however.


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                Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
                INot sure I'd rely on it Adelaide, however.
                Well I AM and almost 3 years in, so far so good