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!!!TAKEN!!! - Green Beans - Sunshine Coast

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  • !!!TAKEN!!! - Green Beans - Sunshine Coast

    G'day all,

    I have a bunch of green beans bought from Ministry Grounds as part of a sample pack for around $22.

    Tried popcorn popper roasting and had too many failures. Don't have time to muck around with home roasting ATM. Maybe next time I'll get serious and go the heatgun route...

    Ethiopia Harar Boldgrain 500g
    Indonesia Ulos Batak 500g
    Guatemala Finca Ceylan Organic 350g
    Brazil Cerrado Toffee 433g

    I'm located on the Sunshine Coast but we can arrange delivery if that works for you.

    Let me know if you want the beans and they are all yours!
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    I'm totally not on the Sunshine Coast, but could really do with some more beans as I'm still learning roasting myself. If we can arrange postage that would be awesome (direct deposit?)


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      I learnt that you need to waste a lot of beans to learn how your method of roasting works, but it's often all part of the fun!

      What's the area code? I'll get a price today.


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        Yeah, I'm starting to get some good results, but still somewhat inconsistent, I'm in the process of making a correto as well.

        Thanks heaps!


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          Originally posted by javaNOTcode View Post
          I learnt that you need to waste a lot of beans to learn how your method of roasting works,
          Definitely not so JNC, no need to waste lots of beans.

          Home roasting is a straight forward process and can be done in a frying pan on a gas burner, all that is required is to understand the process and a little attention to detail, if you can cook you can roast coffee.

          See this video

          Doing some preliminary research before attempting to roast for the first time will certainly pay dividends.


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            Have sent you a PM


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              Thanks franque! It'll be about $14-15 for postage due to the weight. Send me a PM and we can exchange details.

              Thanks for the advice Yelta. I'll consider reading up more on this technique when I've got more time and space for roasting, tasting and drinking. Probably when I retire...


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                Beans have been taken!