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  • !!!TAKEN!!! - hardware on the floor

    I have two Boema single group machines and a Bezzerra BZ35 MG. I have owned a three group, two times two group and, finally, three times single groups (these three make up the hardware in this post). I have gone in a bit of a different direction and now have a Breville BES 920 on the kitchen bench. I really like that machine and it makes good coffee for us every morning, warms up in about two minutes and shuts itself off if you don't use it in about five minutes. It is a great little machine!.

    Now I am faced with these other machines. One of the two Boema machines served as a parts supply for the other. I scavenged the steam and water valves off of it when the primary machine started to drip, took the legs off of it and raised the other machine off the bench a bit to use a deeper pan, etc. Those two machines served this household for a period in excess of 15 years, I reckon... maybe a bit less, but at least for ten.
    I was gifted the BZ35 (a machine I really like) and when I plumbed it in, of course, I had to move out the Boema taking the space. What I didn't know at the time was that BZ machine was really heavily scaled. I managed to get it up and running the night I plumbed it into the bench, but the next morning when I turned it on and started getting cups and the lot, the pump ran forever. I was not paying enough attention to it but finally it stopped and I noted that it wasn't hot, not running etc. I started to investigate and that is when I discovered that it was clogged with scale. The gifter could have told me but too late now. I obtained about 400 gr of crystal citric acid and started the descale operation. I took the machine apart and descaled out the boiler, a plethora of copper tubes and then I was going to take out the control box and clean in the bottom of the unit. I regret to say that I am looking at the control board on my desk as I write this and it has both of the primary relays fried. I contemplated fixing it or just swapping the control unit, but I couldn't find one or, at least I wasn't motivated to buy one which was not the same box I had. When I discovered those two burnt relays and that the unit is no longer manufactured, I went to this forum and there was a member who gave advice on fixing these units. I was pretty discouraged so by that time I was looking for another machine. None of my previous machines had been new so I bought the Breville brand new and it has been a good choice. SO... I have three machines and they are here waiting for someone who can either take them and put them to good use on this forum or gift them to someone who can. The BZ35 is still apart, mostly cleaned although one of the brass valve blocks needs to be done... I think that is about the last of it, but you should check it for yourself. The two Boema machines are taken partly apart for they are a bit heavy for an old timer like me to lift without pulling the housing apart and trying to make it a bit lighter. I believe it possible to take one of the newer manufactured control units for the BZ 35 or similar and change the plug around to make it work on this machine but I don't have the time to spend any more on this project. The Bezzerra comes with some downloaded material and you can download anything for almost any machine if you look for it online carefully. You must also take the Boema machines (both of which had good parts, good motors, the pumps... I am petty sure I replaced one along the way. I still have some brand new solenoids and pumps I bought more than ten years old or more in the tool box. etc. but I will hang onto those as one of my mates has a couple of machines and I know he uses those sols. ONe of the Boema machines should plumb in an fire straight off, as I think the reason I was open to taking the BZ was that a button on the faceplate control unit was broken but the unit still worked. It has been so long I don't remember anymore. Going senile but good coffee helps keep me on this side of reality... mostly.

    The bottom line is this... if you want them, you must give an undertaking that you will not simply scavenge a few parts and then scrap them, but will try to make the best use of them. I think these little beauties deserve more than an unceremonious scrap heap. You must take them all, or none at all. I suppose that I should probably have asked some funds for them but they need to be gone. I want to give them to someone who will really benefit (and that excludes monetarily as a predator) from the freebee. Is there anyone like this around here? Collect them from the Wollongong area. I hope my stipulation does not violate the principles of this forum.

    Come and get them, they are on the office floor. I will get the replies through my email. If no one replies for a while, I will post it all on a facebook forum or something. The machines have to be gone. There is also a few group baskets etc.



    aka Scott
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    Paging Sullo ...


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      G'day level3ninja... is that raging sullo? ... or perhaps it was paging sulllooowwww... slow? I just don't get it, really but maybe that is just me :-)


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        No paging CS member named Sullo. Seems right up his alley.


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          Man im going to have to read this again a few times
          Woolygong only 45mins away, so ummmmm
          Letme check how much room i have in the garage, looks interesting!


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            Scott, sorry im actually am a bit slow today dentist kicked my butt earlierintheweek
            So amongstall this there is a machine that needs some love?

            This appeals to my inner collector an tinkerer please pm me!!
            Unless anyone else is interested

            Thanks Scott an Ninja

            Seriously going to need a bigger bench


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              having some trouble figuring out my way around this site. I normally just sit and read other posts. I never posted until today and now I am trying to figure out where the links are to construct and send a pm... sigh!


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                Pm recvd an replied too


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                  thank you to easily one of the most interesting people ive have the pleasure to meet!
                  thank you!
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