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!!!TAKEN!!! - Wacaco Minipresso GR AND Nanopresso!

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  • !!!TAKEN!!! - Wacaco Minipresso GR AND Nanopresso!

    I got sent these two espresso makers by the good folks at Espressounplugged with the view to review them; but unfortunately many things happened along the way and the items got stored and forgotten. I see the folks no longer have them listed at their website so I guess reviewing these for them is now pointless. But here's a shout for them - they gave me such great service.

    Both have been tried out for several weeks by me; I wasn't particularly blown away by the results. The biggest issue for me is the fact that they produce a single shot at a time. I always drink double shots, sometimes more. The other thing is, the pressure system works by pumping, so the pressure is produced in cycles instead of one long push. This isn't the best practice either. Nevertheless they produced passing results but I never got good crema going.

    I was supposed to compare the two. The mini is slightly smaller, while the Nano is better thought out with the view of cleaning the bits. I didn't get much difference in espresso between the two. The Nano has a hard pouch, great for throwing in luggage. But the Mini is robust too so the pouch isn't essential. Both very sturdy, I got the impression they would last a long time.

    Overall, I thought they are not really worth the hassle. I couldn't think of a scenario where I would use them. Cycle touring, we find coffee wherever we can. Camping, I have a Flair (which I use full time at home also). Going overseas, I just take whatever coffee I can get. And if I can't that's fine too. So the Mini and Nano, while producing passing shots (but single!) do not move me to take them along. (One would need beans and a grinder too. And a kettle.)

    I have cleaned and dried them, and they are back in their original packaging exactly as I got them.

    So you can have these for postage, or pickup in Heathmont Melbourne. I am thinking Express satchel, about $16 I think?

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