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!!!TAKEN!!! - Baratza Sette 270W for parts or project (SYD)

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  • !!!TAKEN!!! - Baratza Sette 270W for parts or project (SYD)

    Full disclosure I never gelled with this grinder. Just over 2yrs old, bought new by me.

    I could rarely get it to give an automated measured dose, so just had to hold down the grind button and release when full. When I emailed the manufacturer they suggested I upgrade to their newer model. I decided I'd be better off with a different brand if that was their level of customer service.

    After about a year I took it apart for cleaning one day and unfortunately snapped the arm that stops the portafilter from tipping. So had to hold the portafilter in place.

    Then about a month ago it started making a whirring noise and not grinding. It could be a simple fix, like a loose or moved burr but I don't know and by this stage I was looking for an excuse to upgrade (Bought a lovely 2nd hand Mazzer on here, pretty happy)

    As I said good for parts, so if you think you can use it please be my guest.

    Pick up from Petersham Sydney preferred or ship if you pay the cost.
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    Interested - PM incoming!


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      Certainly useful parts on that. The grind adjustment and the weighing screen/computer.
      I never had any success grinding into pf. The vibrating handle upset the scales. Works fine into a jar or the provided jug


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        Also interested if WhatEverBeansNecessary hasn't already nabbed it.

        Looks like the same issue as here: (essentially the 270W have a design flaw where the gearboxes get stripped).
        Should be fixable but a post in the above thread seems to imply it costs around $50 which is practically the price of a new unit so not worth it.


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          A complete new motor/gearbox costs roundabout $200 (don't hold me to that price, it's an educated guess based off trade costs + retail cost difference) and it's a straightforward swap. Nowhere near $500 even if shop rates were factored in as it can be changed and tested within half an hour.

          If you need, Five Senses are the distributors and can assist with parts.


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            If it all ends up falling through I would love to have a crack at it. I’m in Tas so would pay for post etc.


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              Interested and can pick up in Sydney if that helps.


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                interested if still there, in sydney


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                  Sorry, it's been taken will mark as gone.