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CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - CPU Shinga, Fermentation Tank Renovation

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  • CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - CPU Shinga, Fermentation Tank Renovation

    Using FairCrack funds Bente commissioned local builders to renovate the Shinga CPU fermentation tanks. These tanks have been disused for many years and were originally supplied water from open trench irrigation.

    Now the village has clean running water the tanks can be rebuilt and will help the village to process their coffee cherry better and yield a higher price for it at market.

    Another great FairCrack project with on going improvements for the village on Kilimanjaro.

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    Very inspiring stuff Andy...

    Probably a bit late in posting a comment but you've got to love those smiles...



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      That one snuck under my radar too, thanks Mal for bringing it to the front.

      More amazing work Andy, you're a champion!!
      And a humble one at that................... must make you one of the few.
      The kudos is all yours but I'm proud to play a small part in your visionary project.