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    FairCrack is an exciting initiative that started on the website in May 2007.

    FairCrack addresses the holes that we could see in supporting the existing coffee causes. One of the problems with many charities is the vast amount of money that gets consumed managing and distributing the donated funds. Many of those charities also spend a small fortune in marketing, publications, social events and many other activities that we think are unnecessary.
    FairCrack is different
    Fair Crack has a goal of ZERO administrative overheads, ensuring that 100% of the money raised ends up on the ground at origin doing what it should, helping coffee workers and their communities
    FairCrack works
    It’s a lot of fun and the results to date have been amazing, the other threads on this forum show some of the Fair Crack projects in action. 50 cents of every kilogram of roasted or green coffee we sell goes directly to projects to help those that need it most.

    FairCrack, giving a little back.

    Check out the you Tube videos here
    Click image for larger version

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