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  • CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - Tanna Island, Vanuatu

    Well done CS'rs everywhere, thanks to FairCrack we have just organised delivery of a pile of equipment for the small holder farmers on Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

    Rex on the island has identified a need for distributed processing equipment for the locals who are scattered across a large area. Currently they need to haul picked coffee cherry to the village for processing which can result if a lot of effort for very little return.

    FairCrack is purchasing small hand pulping machines for processing, shade cloth and black plastic to make drying beds and hand sewing machines to seal bags.

    35 x Hand Pulpers Click image for larger version

Name:	pulper.jpg
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Size:	8.8 KB
ID:	754833

    4 x Hand Sewing Machines Click image for larger version

Name:	handsewer.jpg
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Size:	27.6 KB
ID:	754834

    60 x Black Poly Rolls (50m x 4m) Click image for larger version

Name:	blackplastic.jpg
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ID:	754835

    20 x Shade Cloth Rolls (50m x 2m) Click image for larger version

Name:	shadecloth.jpg
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ID:	754836

    All this gear has been purchased and will ship for Vanuatu within the next month. If we can get some pictures back from the island after they take delivery I'll post them up here.

    This equipment will ensure that even the smallest coffee farming families on Tanna can create their own processing stations and mill the cherry earlier, faster, and better than they can currently.

    Next years crop should be even better for our near island neighbours!

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    Faircrack going global!
    You and your Faircrack initiative are amazing, Andy.
    Totally awesome to see Faircrack broaden its' horizons and come closer to home. ;-)


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      Well done Andy! Another very worthwhile project!


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        WooHoo!!! Yet another awesome FairCrack project!

        Java "Rock on Andy!" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          Amazing! this will help the entire community for the better!


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            Fantastic mate...



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              Every time I see one of these threads updated, it's my first port of call on CoffeeSnobs!

              And I always end up with a big grin on my face.

              Great work Andy. And I'm proud to be a contributor--even if it's only financially.



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                To all home roasters...

                Here is the challenge..

                How about going one further and buying the beans.

                I have roasted about 10 kg of Tanna beans (not from CS, from a roaster in Mona Vale, and a slow roast up to 25 min) to 3 diff temps. (220, 223 and 225).
                Blend after roasting.

                All I can say is try and you will be amazed.

                Just ordered some more.

                happy roasting.


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                  Hi All,

                  I'm heading to Vanuatu later this week - Has anyone been and done the coffee tour?


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                    Yes it is a great idea if you head down to Tanna Island. Down there you will see the farms and processing stations throughout the villages. The co operatives are currently hulling, there will be a lot of hand grading and hullin going on.


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                      Definitely can vouch for the quality of this coffee. I was blown away by the body even in milk. Will one of my next purchases for sure.


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                        Hi Andy,

                        I was at the Tanna Island Coffee Factory a few weeks ago. Very friendly and hard working people! The coffee flavour is exceptional aswell. Great job helping out.

                        GTIroller, the coffee factory is about 15 minutes outside of Port Villa next to the Cascade Waterfalls.


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                          Welcome to CS twofruitz!

                          Did you take any pics while there?


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                            I don't drop in often these day's but the FairCrack threads are always a must read to catch up on, absolutely amazing as always. Andy, I know you do enough already but your FairCrack model need's more exposure, surely this would be worthy for a breakfast tv story, anyone work at Channel 7 or Channel 9 ?


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                              Ive been to Tanna 3 times, my folks lived there for a while.... Wild place that is!
                              Is anybody able to pm me the source of those hand pulpers or any varietal of small pulper. I have that many people approach me on the processing of coffee, plus im growing my own little plantation that im looking out for one of my own....