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CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania COVID19 masks and blankets.

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  • CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania COVID19 masks and blankets.

    While the whole world is struggling with COVID19 we should feel blessed that we live where we do and at least a little thankful we don't live in many other parts of the world but let's not forget them either.

    CoffeeSnobs FairCrack is in the process of helping lessen the impact on some of our most vulnerable coffee friends by providing the resources that should help save lives and reduce sickness in many. With the amazing dedication and help on the ground by Bente from Machare Estate, we have just purchased the materials for 4000 face masks for the villagers on Kilimanjaro.which are being handmade by locals in Moshi, Tanzania.

    Tanzania face mask - trimming
    Trimming the ends and making them perfect.

    Tanzania Face Masks - packing
    Packing them up outside in the garden.

    Tanzania Face Masks - bundled
    Ready and bundled for distribution.

    Tanzania Face Mask - Fabric
    Local made fabric in a range of colours.

    These are double layer cotton masks, white cotton inner with a more durable woven cotton outer which is intentionally in neutral colours so the men will wear them too.

    The coffee villages on Kilimanjaro and locals in the towns like Moshi will be hit hard by this global pandemic. Lack of tourism and jobs, average health care in the towns compared to what we expect and even less in the mountains. Add to that a culture that I'm told just doesn't do much social distancing and it's asking for trouble on a scale that's hard to imagine.

    We plan on giving everyone two masks, one to wear, one to wash and hopefully it will help reduce the infection rate substantially.

    We have also just purchased 1000 simple blankets to distribute on the mountain. Keeping those at high altitude warm at night will lower the need for fires in the huts and lessen the chance of chest infections and "normal" cold type germs that lower the resistance and exaggerate the impact of COVID19.
    The blankets are produced by a Tanzanian company, with TZ workers and helps keep the dollars on the ground. the blankets should arrive at Bente and Ralph's farm Wednesday (we hope)

    The previous blankets we made were on the antique looms, which wouldn't be able to produce numbers fast enough for this distribution but we are hoping to get some more of those made in parallel at a slower pace.

    Here are a couple of short clips from Moshe:

    Mel sewing away:

    The ladies trimming and bundling outside:

    Hopefully these start their journey onto the mountain soon.

    Well done CoffeeSnobs everywhere, YOU are making a real, tangible difference. Stand proud!

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    Super impressive Andy. A well thought out grass roots initiave


    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      It's been in progress for a week or so and is really coming together now. I'm excited that we can all do something so good, so fast and so far away.
      Everyone is your neighbour if you want them to be.

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    Good news stories are in pretty short supply, so this really picks up my spirits...
    Onya Andy.



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      Another awesome FairCrack project to help our friends in Tanzania. A huge hand to Andy and a big thanks to Bente for all the organizing and work making this happen.

      Most of all thank you fellow Snobs one and all for everything you've contributed to make this life saving project possible.

      Java "Proud to be a Snob" phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        This is cool to see and very heartwarming.

        Well done to the CoffeeSnobs team!


        • Andy
          Andy commented
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          'tis very cool and of course, as a CoffeeSnob, you did this too!

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        The ladies have a real production line going now!

        Sewing in bulk Bundles


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          Out of interest, where in Tanzania is this project happening? My brother is heavily involved with a charity that does empowerment work in Tanzania. Could be nearby.


          • Andy
            Andy commented
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            ...that's in the first post Crazy... Moshi, which is about 20km south of the villages on Kili.

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          Bente has sent through some great pictures of the elderly in the Uru North village collecting their face masks and blankets. Those that were too frail or bed ridden sent a younger person to collect them. She also pointed out the "near zero social distancing" and said she was happy to stand in the furthest corner to take some pictures for us.

          Tanzania blankets and face masks 1
          Tanzania blankets and face masks 2
          Tanzania blankets and face masks 3
          Tanzania blankets and face masks 4

          Tanzania blankets and face masks 5


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            Sure hope these folks miss out on contact with covid-19...
            Look to be very vulnerable.



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              More great work from Fair Crack. Congratulations to all.
              I'm so pleased to be a part of this.


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                Every time someone asks me about my coffee I share the Coffee Snobs story and the Fair Crack activities.

                Everyone is amazed at the quality of the coffee and at Coffee Snobs ethics and values in action through Fair Crack!

                A pleasure to play a small part in this and keep up the good work!


                • Andy
                  Andy commented
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                  That's the real beauty of FairCrack Parsimony , lots of small parts add-up to life changing projects and years of positive impact.

                  I love it too!