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CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - Tanzania Solar Update.

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  • CoffeeSnobs FairCrack - Tanzania Solar Update.

    (If you get Deja Vu from this post, that's because I oops'd and deleted it and I'm re-posting the contents.)

    Bente has sent through 3 videos from Kilimanjaro locals that have the CoffeeSnobs solar installed and I've just uploaded them to youtube.

    It's great to see the positive impact, well done CoffeeSnobs everywhere!

    Primary School teacher from Omi - Munishi talks about the solar lights.

    Agustin from Mkessy-Mrawi talks about the solar install.

    Donath from Minde-Mweka chats about the solar too.

    Originally Posted by Theok
    That's brilliant Andy, love seeing this.
    Yeah, I love what our community can do on a shoestring budget.

    Bente has just sent through some more of Thadeus's great little video productions.

    Oliva, Evarist and Diomis's 1 minute videos are up on YouTube now

    And a couple more videos sent today of happy solar users.



    Bente tells me this is the end of the second rainy season where you can go for months of no sunshine but the FairCrack solar units are still working a treat.

    To simulate rainy season we tested the original units at the Snobbery in winter though a south facing window and found they did a great job of charging with only cloud reflected UV. Obviously not as good as direct sunlight but surprisingly good in poor conditions.

    Originally Posted by Mal

    Great stuff Andy...

    Originally Posted by GregWormald

    I love being able to help these people without admin 'overheads', hear direct feedback from them, and having the ability to donate directly.
    Hooray for FairCrack and those who run it.
    Originally Posted by AntC1946

    Here is another 'LIKE' Andy. I've stopped Facebook so the click on the page didn't work for me. Solar lighting / phone charging makes a huge difference to people's lives- kudos for organising.

    FYI : Since reading your posts re Kiva I have been donating. Micro loans are such a good way to give people a boost.
    Originally Posted by fbassman

    Great holiday viewing (I know these are old!), interesting to see how simple concepts can be so significant to peoples lives.

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    ...and Andy promises to be more careful with the DELETE button in future.