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Coffee lowers diabetes risk

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  • Coffee lowers diabetes risk

    Drinking six cups of coffee per day can lower the risk of type II diabetes, even among people who are obese or dont exercise, according to a University of Minnesota study released Monday.

    While the research focused on postmenopausal women, the results likely apply to men as well, said lead author Mark Pereira, an assistant professor in the universitys School of Public Health.

    Women who drank six or more cups of coffee per day reduced their risk by 33 percent. Results were virtually the same whether the women drank regular coffee or decaf.

    Full article here:

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    Re: Coffee lowers diabetes risk

    Interesting article.

    "The U study didnt identify what made coffee protective against diabetes. However, Pereira said the antioxidants in coffee might protect the insulin-producing beta cells, or preserve the bodys insulin sensitivity"

    Researchers love their anitoxidant theories.
    I would think consuming 6 cups a day would  be a good appetite suppressant thus reducing obesity and hence development of Type 2 diabetes.

    Just a thought......


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      Re: Coffee lowers diabetes risk

      The obese subjects indicate its not the appertite effect