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Starbucks suit: "insatiable & unchecked ambition"

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  • Starbucks suit: "insatiable & unchecked ambition" ucks

    Love the quote from WSJ:- "Starbucks’ ubiquity blows the mind"
    12,000 stores worldwide, but wanting 30,000!!! woah! Was the anecdote at the bottom of the article true? I like how the taggers used the letter x , add a touch of leetness 8-)

    Graffiti across the front of the first Starbucks in Melbourne while it was being fitted out : “Starbux - Plastic coffee for plastic people”.

    A small coffee retailer in Bellevue has sued Starbucks, claiming the worlds largest coffee-shop chain exerts an "insatiable and unchecked ambition" that amounts to being a monopoly...
    ...Penny Stafford, who owns Belvi Coffee and Tea Exchange, says she was locked out of the best office space in Bellevue and Seattle by Starbucks exclusive leasing agreements with landlords. She finally rented space to sell espresso inside a deli, but says her customers were inundated with free samples from Starbucks employees who worked nearby...
    ...The suit, which seeks class-action status, was filed by attorney Steve Berman, who has pursued a number of large class-action cases. It asks that Starbucks stop the alleged anticompetitive conduct and pay attorney fees and other plaintiffs costs...
    ..."I didnt realize how difficult it was to make any money, no matter how high quality your product is, if youre not at the base of one of those buildings," she said of the downtown high-rises.
    Stafford alleges Starbucks blocked her from the best downtown office space in Bellevue and Seattle through agreements with landlords to keep other coffee shops out.
    The Seattle-based coffee retailer has "first dibs" on 78 percent of downtown Bellevues Class A office buildings, the lawsuit claims.
    In many cases, Starbucks has stores in those buildings and does not want competitors to move in next door. But, according to the lawsuit, property owner Equity Office Properties told Stafford in 2004 that it had entered into exclusive lease agreements with Starbucks for all its office buildings nationwide, a whopping 35 percent of the countrys high-rises.