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  • Coffee Academy Masterclass Sessions

    All sessions have filled now....

    Melbourne CS members are offered special session pricing in the next Coffee Academy master class weekend. Members are welcome to contact Jill for session times, pricing and further info....

    October 14 and 15 2006

    The weekend consists of 5 workshops:

    Reconstructing the Espresso.
    Hazel de los Reyes presents a 4 hour workshop on Coffee from Bean to blend to cup. You will construct your own espresso blend using your palate and knowledge of coffee characteristics.

    Milk texturing and Latte Art for the Espresso menu. You will learn a variety of milk texturing techniques for specific drinks and for patterning on drinks. This session taken by Simon James

    Coffee Cupping. An in-depth session on tastes and flavours in a variety of coffee. This session explores the differences in the cup due to country of origin and processing techniques. Jill Adams will lead this session

    Espresso Shots. The focus on this session is to take a bag of coffee beans and to discover the optimum range of flavours it will yield depending on basket size, grind, extraction time and other factors. This session led by moi  

    Roasting factory tour and tasting.

    For further information about other courses contact Jill Adams

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    Re: Coffee Academy Masterclass Sessions

    just sent my email to jill...see you all there


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      Re: Coffee Academy Masterclass Sessions

      Jill has informed that all sessions are now full.

      Im more than happy to run specific sessions for groups of CSers at the academy any time....



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        Re: Coffee Academy Masterclass Sessions

        i just missed out....classes are full till 2007