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Not about coffee but.....

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  • Not about coffee but.....

    Hi everyone,

    I know this has nothing to do with coffee but since there are so many IT Pros amongst us, I thought this first independent in-depth review of Windows Vista might be of interest, and maybe of concern in some ways,


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    Re: Not about coffee but.....

    Well ... where to start. Maybe with a disclaimer: My feet are firmly in the pro-Microsoft camp. I wont go into the reasons for that, but I am also not an open-source basher. I work in the programming world, primarily on MS platforms, where I earn my living. This living pays for my coffee!

    So, usually when I read articles/books I skim the contents looking for something that will help me, or educate me. If it will educate me, I look for balance.

    My impression of this article was that it was fairly one sided, and focussed on aspects of Windows the author had a negative view of. Sadly these days, most large businesses are run for the shareholders first, customers 2nd or further down the list, and Microsoft is no exception. Most of us will probably end up with Windows Vista on one or more computers we use sooner or later. Its good to know the pitfalls of this, but the benefits will be nice too.


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      Re: Not about coffee but.....


      I appreciate where youre coming from KS (love that handle ;D) as I worked for large corporations for most of my working life and every one of them used MS software for all desktops/notebooks, so naturally thats where I (and all of my fellow colleagues no doubt) directed our software proclivities... it just made sense.

      However, the more I read from a variety of sources about the pros/cons of MS Vista, the more and more ardent are my efforts to learn more about Linux and move my needs over to that platform. Sure, there are pros and cons to going this way as well but at least Im not going to be painted into a corner with dimensions being dictated by MS, and there is plenty of support to be found for 99% of peoples needs.

      If I was running a corporation or had input into the IT group, I would be encouraging serious examination of all that switching over to MS Vista would mean to them and the bottom line... Of course, some corporations have already made this switch and announced the fact. Anyway, from my position as an individual I dont believe that MS represents my IT interests all that well anymore, hence my learning as much as I can about the various "Windows friendly" distributions of Linux before I make the switch over.

      Cheers mate,


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        Re: Not about coffee but.....

        I Love these bits,
        "Cannot go to market until it works to specification... potentially more/\/ respins of hardware" -- ATI
        Vista includes various requirements for "robustness".

        Is that the pot calling the kettle black?

        I run 3 networked Pcs at home and an old Bondi Blue Imac
        Running ME,2k,XP and OS X 10.2.3..
        The ME box is being wound back to 98SE, the 2K box is the server, The Wife uses the XP box and Im not allowed to touch that..
        Im inheriting a G5 mac from my brother in the new year so the old bondi may well become the Linux Box running Yellow Dog which from my research seems to be the distro for a PPCG3 machine..
        Son is running a Vista beta on a box Via the Microsofts Customer Preview Program and as far as I know has had no problems, but then again he was involved in setting up the network for a Financial trader..
        I seriously cant see myself running Vista for 2-3 years, but just for a laugh i might run up a spare box in BeOS..