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  • Happy New Year

    Gday CSrs,

    Well Christmas 2006 has passed and this time tomorrow we will be starting our coffee journey of 2007.

    2006 has seen some great things happen in the CoffeeSnob community as we all continue to work together to improve the web site, BeanBay and build better relationships with our suppliers and our wonderful CoffeeSnobs site sponsors.  It all helps us improve and enjoy this obsession that we call a hobby.

    We are currently running a "Bimillennial Member Contest" for CS members.  All you have to do is to pick the date that we will get the 2000th member and you could be in the running for some great prizes.

    The prize pool is huge:

    Iberital Challenge grinder compliments of Talk Coffee
    Presso Espresso Maker compliments of Presso Australia
    Barista Kit compliments of Talk Coffee
    Pile O Beans compliments of CoffeeSnobs
    Greg Pullman Tamper compliments of Pullman Tampers
    Large Teaser Pack of all 6 of their blends compliments of Coffee Hit
    Espro Tamper - compliments of Veneziano Caffe
    5kg of Delano Tuscany beans compliments of Gilkatho Online
    Coffee training DVD compliments of Pioneer Coffee Roastery
    250g of beans compliments of Pioneer Coffee Roastery

    Entry is FREE and details including competition rules are available on the web site.

    2007 should also see more BeanBay subsidised freight drop-off points around the country and in fact the very first "100% FREE FREIGHT" has been sponsored by Presso Australia for the next Brisbane drop-off.  

    Three cheers for Presso!

    As we all know, freight is a large component of the expense of getting green beans so the more that we can do to create centralised distribution points the better it will be for all of us.  We hope that other sponsors will follow Presso Australias lead and do similar sponsorship of other drop-off points throughout the coming year.  

    I would also like to thank all the sponsors for their support this year.  They have contributed to the running of the web site, hosting of events, distribution of green beans and offering advice and discounts to members.

    Three cheers for the sponsors!

    ...and last but not least, I would like to propose a toast to the members.  It’s the fun loving, happy and passionate membership that makes the community it is.  Everyone sharing their trials and discoveries, heartbreak and success with each other is fun and improves coffee output all around the country and the world!

    Three cheers for the 1736 members!

    Happy new year CSrs, may your coffee be even better in 2007



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    Re: Happy New Year

    Hear Hear, Andy, and congratulations to you on building the website, the sponsorship, the whole coffee snobs experience, into a part of our daily lives.  

    I feel this is a very opportune time to rein in the self-abandoment of the last couple of weeks and pledge to do something healthy to recover in the new year.... eat less, exercie more, drink less coffee.

    At the moment, Im leaning towards 2 of the 3

    Happy New year everyone.



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      Re: Happy New Year

      Have a happy, prosperous, and healthy new year.

      Its been quite a journey the past year, mostly enjoyable, but some humps along the way. May everyones path be clear and free of obstacles.


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        Re: Happy New Year

        Happy New Year to everybody. This will be the first year for a while that I can look back and say "That was a great year and next year is also looking pretty good." *touches wood*

        Coffeesnobs has made its own contribution to my year, I didnt dream at the start of 2006 that I would have my wonderful Silvia. (or that I would be asked to take coffee beans to a New Years Eve party :P ) The friendship and information that Ive found on this site has been wonderful.

        Scoota Gal, keep your chin up, many of us will think of you tonight.



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          Re: Happy New Year

          I would just like to add my wishes to everyone for a happy new year. I hope that it is all that you want it to be.

          I have to say, that I have enjoyed my short time as a part of this site, and that I have got a lot of enjoyment out of improving my skills in the art of making fine coffee. I still have a long way to go, but it is great to be able to read everyones advice and ideas.

          Thanks again, and happy new year to all.


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            Re: Happy New Year

            Yes, happy new year to all of you. I hope you all stay safe.


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              Re: Happy New Year

              GDay to all.

              As a Melburnian recently relocated to the USA I am more interested than ever in attaining a nice espresso as the yanks where we are (Washington DC) just dont seem to do it like home - and trust me I have drunk at just about every cafe in the city in the last 3 months. If anyone has any coffee related contacts here in the US Id be appreciative. Great site and keep up the good work.


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                Re: Happy New Year

                Originally posted by Eeeee link=1167538813/0#6 date=1167686588
                If anyone has any coffee related contacts here in the US Id be appreciative. Great site and keep up the good work.
                I cant clue you in on a good cafe/coffeehouse in the DC area but I can get some good green or roasted beans to you if nothing else.

                Java "Yup, Im on that side of the world" phile
                Toys! I must have new toys!!!