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Once again coffee and computers

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  • Once again coffee and computers

    Once again they go walking hand in hand down the street:

    Java "sippin n putin" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!

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    Re: Once again coffee and computers

    Interesting article Javaphile
    But i wonder the realities of it all.

    Working at your own business in a cafe because you cant work at home! perhaps they should be working for someone else rather than working for themselves. And who in this day and age goes looking for free download, if your in the IT business and cant afford the internet connection at your place of business then perhaps the business case is all up the spout.

    But i do agree i see more and more people on laptops in cafes, parks, on the train etc and i wonder if they are all working or playing? How productive are they realy?? :-/

    I run my own small part time web hosting company and certainly wouldnt consider sitting in a cafe to work, just way too many distractions, especially when you are trying to code. And anyway i like my own coffee better than everyone elses.  



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      Re: Once again coffee and computers

      Ive got to say, I actually find getting out to a cafe exactly what I need to concentrate when I need to get some heavy reading done (800 page tenders, contracts, etc), but I cant do it with an internet connection. The whole point of going to a cafe is to get some quiet time to myself without interruptions from colleagues or email.

      Of course this is to help my personal productivity. In the office keeping the team productive is what Im there for, so interruptions are the norm.

      Besides, the coffee in our office is terrible :P