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CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

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  • CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

    CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012


    and the same sessions also on


    CafeBiz 2012

    This year CafeBiz will be in Sydney at:

    Australian Technology Park
    Locomotive Street
    Eveleigh NSW 2015

    (easiest access is train to Redfern Station, Exit via Platform 10)

    Sessions will be a mixture of presentations, questions and hands-on with plenty of interesting coffees and coffee making equipment available to play with during the day.

    Sessions are:

    Cup Profile
    One of the most important aspects of coffee is the "Cup Profile" of a specific lot. In order to talk about good quality, you need to start digging into the story and history of that specific coffee. This doesnt stop on the country or the region; there’s a much broader range of variables and information you need to take into account like its complete traceability, process, drying method, and varietals involved. By having a clear picture of these aspects you can expect a certain profile or even have a sense of better blend development and roasting profiles.

    Andres Latorre Canon
    Latorre and Dutch Coffee Traders

    Coffee Roaster Blending Techniques   
    Coffee is blended together by coffee roasters for a variety of reasons. Generally this is done to produce a better beverage than if the coffees were standalone but this is not always the sole intention and blending can be undertaken for a number of other reasons.
    These sessions will focus on the reasons for blending coffee and the techniques that a roaster can use to optimise their blended coffee results.

    Mark Beatie
    Coffee Roasters Australia

    Break --- 12:00 - 1:00 ---

    Same Coffee, Different Results.
    Using simple equipment and some good software you can get a much better idea of what’s happening inside the roaster and more importantly be able to replicate it next time. In this session we will look at the equipment needed to monitor the roast and will explore the same coffee roasted to different profiles. You will see and then more importantly taste the difference that profiling can make on the same bean during the hands-on component of this session.

    Andy Freeman

    Branding & Marketing
    Not only does your business have a brand, you also need to identify what your own personal brand is and that should be explored, promoted and then marketed.  This session will be hosted by the founder of Di  Bella coffee, Phillip Di  Bella who has in 10 short years taken the Di  Bella brand to dizzy heights and has an amazing track record in the coffee business of knowing how to efficiently market and build product demand.

    Phillip Di  Bella
    Di  Bella Coffee

    Stovetops aint stovetops...
    Craig Hirons going to run a session showing in detail how and why Ottos brewing system is capable of pulling espresso shots, rather than the longer brew we all expect from a stovetop coffee machine. The session will involve detailed discussion around Ottos brewing system, with demonstrations of course.
    Additionally, Craig will be demonstrating the new induction cooktop designed specifically for 0tto, and suitable for stainless steel kettles. The induction tops scheduled for launch in April this year.

    Craig Hiron

    The ticket provides access to one day of the Beanology sessions and onto the Cafe Biz trade floor both days.
    Ticket price includes GST and a $1 FairCrack donation.

    ...and if that wasnt already amazing value you also get steak knives every person that attends will get a showbag of goodies and...

    One lucky Beanology attendee will win a

    Otto Stovetop valued at $795
    (thanks to Craig @ Otto for the amazing door prize)

    Tickets only available from:

    ...until sold out.

    It should be great fun again.

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    Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

    tickets ordered, bringgggg it on


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      Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

      The new venue in Sydney looks great and I think the room we have above the exhibition hall should be perfect for this.

      The sessions on the Monday will be the same as on Sunday to allow people to see the competitions and the trade floor as well as spending a day in Beanology.

      Its going to be a great couple of days.


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        Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

        Pleasantly surprised that Cafebiz is back in Sydney and I have a chance to participate in the much vaunted Beanology. Ive got my ticket.


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          Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

          almost worth buying a ticket just for a chance at the door prize

          The melbourne Beanology was an excellent event, dont miss out on this one


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            Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

            Brilliant - even saved me the expense of the "Shopping trip in Melbourne" bribe that I thought Id be up for The reports from last year make it sound like an opportunity too good to miss.


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              Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

              was thinking of going along to this years if it was in melb... looks like im waiting for the next melb one

              I do miss celebrate the bean, one and only time i went it was great


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                Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                Bugger! Im working both days


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                  Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                  Thanks for putting Beanology on again.
                  I thoroughly enjoyed last years event and can recommend it to everyone.
                  Registering here puts you in the draw for the expobar office control expresso machine
                  Looking forward to seeing everyone


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                    Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                    Oh nice, ill take the day of work! Is the event centered around roasting and blending coffees? Or there be other more mundane things about grinding etc?


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                      Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                      Is this specifically for people who are in the trade (or wanting to start their own business), or is it for anyone who has an interest in coffee?


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                        Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                        Hi specialpants,
                        No way is Beanology just for the trade or business. Get those tickets and GO. We went last year in Melbourne and we are still learning (drooling) from the great seminar information. Andy put so much effort into the days. We are sure looking at the program for this year that he has it even bigger and better than last year. The speakers so knowledgable. Andy, Phil Di Bella etc etc. The hands on sessions with equipment, the interaction and meeting and greeting other C.Ss. The whole event. Magic. So amazing and mind blowing. You are up with the latest and greatest and some nostalgia. We learnt so much about the workings of our Otto from Craig. Andys gadgets.. the days will pass by so quickly. You will thirst for more. Due to moving to Brissie only 2 weeks ago we cannot go this year to CafeBiz (sadly ) but we have booked airfares and accomodation to attend the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in May and we are so looking forward to meeting more C.Ss. there and further increasing our knowledgeof all things coffee.
                        Go on buy those tickets now. Herbie and Herbiesmissus.


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                          Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                          Missed out on last years event. Ordered my ticket and counting down the weeks ^^


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                            Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                            Only  32 Days to go until Cafe Biz Sydney / Beanology 


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                              Re: CoffeeSnobs Beanology 2012 @ CafeBiz 2012

                              Cafe Culture Magazine is now at the printers. However it can be view as an online flipbook... FREE

                              Click the on the following link to find out more information about Cafe Biz Sydney,  Coffee Snobs Beanology and much more.


                              Attendees of Beanology will receive a copy of the Home Coffee Machine Review written by Sean Edwards