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World Latte Art Championship 2012

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  • World Latte Art Championship 2012

    The finals of the World Latte Art Championship 2012 (WLAC) are on in Korea live now:


    Seivijus Matiejunas - LITHUANIA
    Victori Kashirtseva - RUSSIA
    Leszek Jedrasik - POLAND
    Luzia Taschler - GERMANY
    Bansuk Lee - KOREA
    Graciele Rodrigues - BRAZIL

    Watch it live here: 2012 WLAC: Finals Round on Livestream

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    Livestream tip...
    click on the quality bars and set it higher to get a nice clear picture (if you have the bandwidth)


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      Watching the stream now. Thanks for the link!


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        No worries Saoye.
        I should be roasting but got sucked in, looks like I'll still be roasting in the dark tonight.

        Would have loved to be in Korea for this one. Great footage by the WCE crew and it's nearly as good as being there.


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          Well that was great, pretty hard to pick a winner so we have to wait a couple of hours to findout how the judges scored it.

          If you missed it live and just found this thread you can still view the videos on the Live Stream site:
          2012 WLAC: Finals Round on Livestream

          Next up is the final of the 2012 World Coffee in Good Spirits
          Each Barista has to make 2 x Irish coffees and 2 coffee cocktails.

          Dan Fellow - UK
          Ubirajara Gomes - BRAZIL
          Akos Orosz - HUNGARY
          Francesco Corona - ITALY
          Stavros Lamprinidis - GREECE
          Ronny Billemon - BELGIUM

          Live now:
          2012 WCIGSC: Finals Round on Livestream


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            Inspired me to try latte art again. I'd switched to drinking short blacks for a while now but watching the WLAC made me take out the milk from the fridge. Here's my effort after watching! Coffee is a Sumatra Lintong and Vietnamese A blend 50/50 post roast.

            Click image for larger version

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              I love latte art, it's the finale (hopefully) of a finely crafted coffee.