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    Lots of CS'rs know and love Steve Agi's World of Coffee on TV on Foxtel and later repeated on free to air.

    Well some big news... you can see a segment on the Snobbery in tonights episode!

    I don't have Foxtel at home but will certainly invite myself to a mate's house tonight to see how the segment came together. It will be exciting and scary at the same time (having not seen the footage). The film crew were here a few weeks ago and they are lovely people with a wide-eyed excitement for the coffee industry, it was a fun day sharing and chatting but afterwards I cringed a little at my interview... heck I'm a coffee roaster not a TV personality.

    So... if you have Foxtel or access to it check us out tonight and feel free to heckle in this thread:

    World of Coffee
    Ch: 183 Aurora
    Starts: Thu 1 Aug, 7:30 pm AEST. Duration 30 mins

    Join the team as they delve into all you need to know about the essential drop - coffee and everything else along the way.

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    The film crew were ... wide-eyed excitement for the coffee industry
    ..and, no doubt, wide-eyed from sampling the produce of said Snobbery. We'll try to hold off on the Logie or AACTA nominations until at least we view it.

    For those who don't have Foxtel, it will appear at some stage on World Of Coffee - it's where the world meets...


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      That,s great. Nor do I have Foxtel. If you know when it goes free to air or maybe youtube please post


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        It looks like the episodes get put onto Youtube pretty quickly (episode 1 is there).

        EDIT: Andy, did you get to choose the music for this episode (I think Kiss Alive is the 1st album I ever bought....under Rockwiz rules).
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          Very nice segment. Good to see all that stuff at the Snobbery being loaded by fork lift driver Andy.


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            Totally gob-smacked

            After we had spent the morning chatting and filming a few weeks ago I wondered how well it would come together... and I'm blown away with the production quality of this. The film crew of Maggie, Paul and Benjamin were great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

            Music? That came as a total surprise to me too. I laughed as soon as it started knowing that the World of Coffee Exec-Producer, Steve Agi had something to do with that. Everyone I know that watched the show tonight SMS'd me with a comment about the appropriate music choice.

            Thanks so much to the whole World of Coffee team for showing the TV audience some of CoffeeSnobs.

            It's going to be repeated on Foxtel Ch183 tomorrow at 4:30pm and when I hear the "free to air" details I'll post if up here.


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              It's already on YouTube World of Coffee Season 2 Episode 2 - YouTube


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                Fantastic Andy. I love the look of your roaster!

                I especially love the bit at about 3:23 - they show one of my posts.


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                  Great episode!
                  Didn't realise the scale of your CoffeeSnobs baby until seeing, Andy! Impressive work


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                    Great piece... and a really good interview Andy.

                    Are there any threads on what went into building the Snobs roaster? I tried searching but failed.


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                      KISS? KISS?? I always picked you for a Motörhead fan Andy!


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                        where can I find season 1?


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                          Here's the first one, the rest are in the menu.

                          World Of Coffee Season 1 Episode 1 - YouTube


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                            Damn fine presentation Andy....

                            Couldn't ask for a better ambassador for the CS Community and the world of coffee at large. Terrific mate...



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                              Great piece Andy! Well done!