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Worlds Biggest? 9 group, 9 portafilter Espresso Machine - SCAA 2014 - Seattle

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  • Worlds Biggest? 9 group, 9 portafilter Espresso Machine - SCAA 2014 - Seattle

    Yeah, we know everything is big in America even the espresso machines!

    The Synesso stand at SCAA 2014 Seattle will feature a machine with 50% more groups than the Amanti machine that was entered into the Guinness Book of Records in 2007...

    The press release blurb back in 2007 when Amanti made the above machine was that it could make "18 espressos at once". It did that using triple spout group handles on the 6 grouphead machine.

    The Synesso 9 group handle (portafilter), 9 group head machine using the same math could make 27 espresso shots at once.... but I suspect considering it in its current display form will "only" make 9 bottomless shots at a time.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Synesso_9_group_Espresso_front.jpg
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Name:	Synesso_9_portafilter_Espresso_back.jpg
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    ...thought I would post a couple of pictures of the machine before the trade floor opens and it gets covered in sticky finger prints.

    Synesso (err... and Starbucks and Slayer and other companies starting with S) are local to Seattle so it makes sense that they would create something a little crazy for the home town show.

    Personally, I'm really looking forward to next year when they release the stainless conveyor drip tray modification so it will propel a stream of doppio shots out the left-hand side and along the bar. That's going to be lots of fun!

    SCAA 2014 Exposition runs from the 24th to the 27th April,
    Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, USA.

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    A little crazy? Well I'm going to say it: that's nuts!

    Would there ever be a need to require that capacity (other than to show off at a coffee show)? Is it a matter of building just to show they can or to set a Guinness record?

    You're probably right Andy: we'll be seeing the espresso train (a la sushi train) in the future


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      I wonder when someone will come up with a circular 'island' design, with groups all the way around?

      There is a 6 group synesso in Perth from memory, but 9 just seems impractical. You'd need a forklift to moce move it!


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        It's biiiiggggggg!

        Java "Andy's pictures are better so we'll go with his!" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          If you look at the photos of both Amanti's VFA Technologica machine and the Synesso, neither are genuinely what they allege to be - both are merely multiple 3 group machines sat side by side with trim panels formed up to bridge the gaps between the machines on the front, and new one-piece rear panels. If that genuinely qualifies them to be called 6 or 9 group machines, then I might as well have a go - we've got a heap of unwanted Azkoyen Viennas that could be got back into working order, enough that I could build a 20+ group machine.


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            Can I ask why would you want this?

            Wouldn't 3x3 group machines be more flexible?


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              Andy said it at the start: bragging rights.

              It is part of the American culture. Bigger is better.


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                that's ri-donk-a-donk... but totally sexy. right?


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                  Synesso's done it this time...

                  IMHO, this is totally impractical... unless you're serving an entire stadium of people...

                  A good 2 or 4 group, plumbed in IMHO does the job for a small town cafe.....

                  Anyways, still a beautiful machine to look at imo....


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                    How much does it weigh...

                    Heck... this machine probably shouldn't be bought by a guy who doesnt lift like The Rock.... IMHO thats gonna weight a ton!