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ACSA moves to 4 regions instead of state based.

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  • ACSA moves to 4 regions instead of state based.

    Seems that ACSA (Australian Speciality Coffee Association) has just moved to a regional competition format for the coming year.

    I can see the logic in that, for a long time the smaller states (by population) have struggled to get enough numbers entering. The other upside is that ASCA can concentrate on running 4 really great competitions instead of some great and some fizzers.

    I expect SA is the big loser in this new agreement, it's a long haul to WA but it seems that ACSA has also announced at the same time the "ASCA Scholarship Program" to help with funding for those in Tassie, NT and SA

    It will be interesting to see what effect this has moving forward.


    ...we announced that there would be changes to the state competition schedule this year.

    The changes include the streamlining of the competition structure to better showcase Australian baristas talent. This is to encourage a better competition due to a lack of numbers over the previous years in some states.

    The new structure has centralised the competitions to ensure competitor numbers meet the requirements.

    For the first time ever we will combine states to produce winners from four regions.

    Northern Region: Queensland and Northern Territory

    Central Region: New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

    Southern Region: Victoria and Tasmania

    Western Region: South Australia and Western Australia

    Update on Regional Competitions