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Coffee Snobs - Logo change.

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  • Coffee Snobs - Logo change.

    Well after more than a decade it's time to change the logo.

    I was bullied into it by a graphic designer I know (and respect, and she didn't really bully) who suggested politely that the Papyrus font that we used was "good way back when" but it's quickly become the replacement for comic sans.


    I'm also surprised just how many coffee companies use "our" font and variations of the cup logo too, our kids see it on cafes, coffee carts and other businesses everywhere and call-out "coffeesnobs font". Locally there about 4 of them, I've also seen the cup logo and font used overseas (China, USA and Singapore) and even a couple of quite large companies in Australia sell their coffee with that font.

    Imitation is the best form of flattery?!?!
    Well, starting now we will be rolling the new font in.

    ...our "heritage logo" will be with us for a long time on things like the cotton bags (which get recycled) but the new logo will slowly become more "normal" as the year goes on.

    Welcome to CS 2016

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    Hi Andy

    I look forward to seeing your new logo. I think the coffee cup design is good and it will stand the test of time but I agree with the designer on the comic sans like font. Something with a bit of flow and curves that matches the cup or maybe one that is distinctly different - we will see :-)

    I see its (R). Good. It also means you need to defend and protect it from copiers, otherwise you can lose the trademark. A few letters to Aussie infringers? IANAL :-) Not much one can do with OS infringers. I wonder if you change the font do you need to re-register the design? Lots there for trademark experts.



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      oooh....A little cache clearing revealed a newie. Is that it?


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        Very classy indeed...



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          All this constant change Andy. First you introduce BeanBay and now this!

          I'm not sure I can keep up.

          PS: I'm not Fontist! I don't hate Comic Sans!


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            Trade Mark? We were lucky enough to get the words trademarked COFFEE SNOBS so that covers our new the logo too. Chasing people with a stick is harder with the old logo and to be fair, it was not unique enough to really own it. The new one is though.

            Yeah, cache and the server being "smart" enough to send the old logo means that people will see it at different times. The top left of this page is close to the new logo... we will have slight tweaks (size and spacing around it mostly) and the cotton bag guy is already busy making the new screen-print screens so it won't change a lot now.

            We will also start using the "Latte art tulip in the O" for buttons and things where the whole logo isn't needed or the repetition would look a little naff.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	LatteArt-white.png
Views:	1
Size:	3.4 KB
ID:	741558

            Fontist? Thats a good one Breet, I'll let her know she's being fontist. If you use comic Sans you NEEd to cHange the cAse tO mixItup and have lots of typos in it and a lack of punctuation also using a font size that is way too big to read a hole senTence easily helps with the industry hatred of this font too.
            ...and I do understand that change after a decade is tough for some people...


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              Just tweaked the logo...
              better padding around it and the proportions are correct now.

              (CSS in the forum is like spaghetti and it pulls variables from all over the place)

              Looks more like the prototype did now!


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                Looking great Andy


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                  Yes the extra spacing around the outside improves it in proportion to the rest of the header


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                    I see the new font and logo are up on the site today. Well, the logo has been used on coffeesnob tabs for a while but first time I've seen the new CS banner (unless I wasn't paying enough attention).


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                      You weren't paying attention. Either that or your cache hadn't refreshed.

                      Java "Fresh is best!" phile
                      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                        That's the gotcha with cache, it looks good here and easy to assume it's the same everywhere.


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                          Looks great Andy, I am newbie here but I've seen the's good.


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                            looks great