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2016-2017 Golden Bean Roasting Competition

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  • 2016-2017 Golden Bean Roasting Competition


    Blow the trumpets...

    The 2016-2017 Compak Golden Bean Roasting Competition has been run and won.

    Click image for larger version

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    CoffeeSnobs won GOLD for the best filter coffee in the country!

    It was humbling to see one of our standard offering coffees that many of you love every week win a GOLD, looking at the other medals it was certainly up against some pretty amazing beans but obviously this had enough all-round balance to impress the judges enough to score it really high.

    The same bean and same roast batch also won a Bronze medal for Espresso which is amazing for a single origin bean to win in a blend category but I personally really like it as an espresso so I entered it too.

    Of course, our Ethiopian Sidamo Ardi is available Roasted or Green (for those that would rather roast their own) and works with just about any brew method. Give it a crack if you haven't yet.

    The overall winner was CoffeeSnobs Site Sponsors Di Bella Coffee who really smashed it this year and took gold medals in both Franchise Milk and Open Espresso along with a pile of medals in all the different categories.

    They really deserved the big one. They managed to master so many different coffee styles and all were roasted to perfection it wasn't a surprise that they were announced the overall winner of 2016.

    It was an excellent acceptance speech, Philip Di Bella (love him or hate him) was like a proud father of all his team and is the first to admit that he pushes them hard to be the very best they can possibly be. Team-mates, friends, co-workers and family are the crew that are on the books as Di Bella "staff" but I doubt any of them feel like workers. It's hard to describe it but the continuing vibe of the greater Di Bella "family" is far bigger than just employees. It's really nice to see that good people, doing good business can have fun on the journey too.

    There were also lots of CoffeeSnob members in the medals, you know who you are... and you know that getting any medal in such a huge competition is badge of honour... wear it proud!

    Of course we also mentioned the great effort by all the home roasters this year in the other thread too.

    Winning medals isn't "everything" but it's damn nice when it happens. I love coffee competition as it forces me to focus on the entry and often create something new with a critical eye and a unbiased view or just tweak the profile to yield a better result. Win, lose or draw I always learn something during the process and can use that in our day to day efforts.

    Well done all.

    The full winners list is up on the Golden Bean website
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    I was great to be able to attend, thanks to Andy and Coffee Snobs letting me know it was on in my backyard. It was also very good to meet up with Andy at this event and even better to see his efforts rewarded, well done Andy.


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      It's always great to catch-up with fellow Coffee Snobs when I'm out and about. Nice to meet you too Smoky.

      I miss the social side of the 'ol monthly Melbourne pickup too but it just won't fit in my life these days (...he types on a Sunday night still at the Snobbery roasting!)


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        Well... famous in Geelong anyway.

        We received half a page (in colour too!) which was pretty awesome.
        It was in last Monday's "Geelong Addy" but I've only just got around to taking a picture for here.

        The text is good, although I might have tweaked that a little if given a chance before publication. The picture is good too and makes me cringe far less than the standard picture of roasted beans in a hessian bag or the roaster with handfuls of roasted beans which seem the "norm".

        The photographer (Nathan) had some fun that day, we started with the tray of beans and a scoop (this picture) and soon after that I was sitting in the cooling tray and his work experience assistant poured kilos of beans on my head! I didn't get to see those pics and I guess the editor didn't like them but the idea was fun.

        Anyway, here's the newspaper and I promise to stop bragging about winning a gold medal at some point soon.

        Click image for larger version

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          Excellent Andy...