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2016 Christmas and New Year hours

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  • 2016 Christmas and New Year hours

    Obviously, the CoffeeSnobs website will be "open" 24 hours a day but the Snobbery not so.

    Freight companies are really all over the place this time of year and even if they pickup they might not deliver.

    AustPost and Fastway are closed Mon. Tue, Wed next week and open on Thursday. The following week they are closed on the Monday for New Years day. That means we can't really ship much anything, anywhere in the next week and a half.

    Roasted Coffee:
    Per the roast calendar in BeanBay
    CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Roast Dates
    ...the last roast was today 21st Dec and the next roast is TUESDAY 3rd Jan.

    Green Coffee:
    We are shipping tomorrow (22nd Dec) and not officially again till the 3rd Jan.
    We might sneak-in here and try and to get some orders out next Thursday (29th) when the post office opens but no guarantees. The problem will be that although we can ship on that Thursday most places won't get the delivery till the 3rd of the 4th so it's a small difference to just waiting till the 3rd.

    Your guess is as good as mine. I suspect we won't have many days in the next week and a half that the banks will actually move payments around. Sure, they will take it from your account instantly but typically won't pass it to us for days. Keep that in mind.

    Punchline is, you can order whenever you want and we will ship it whenever we can.

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    Thanks for the prompt!


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      Andy, I'm sure with all your hard work this year you've earned a chance to rest up and enjoy your Christmas / NY break ;-)

      Congrats on a successful 2016.


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        Yeah Andy, you're right about the banks.....greatest thieves on the planet, one of the only organisations in the world that can sell something (or hire it out) that doesn't actually exist and get away with it lawfully....the fact they also bother to manipulate cash transfers and further delaying them MORE THAN USUAL is just a reminder of how skungy they are.....on a coffee scale, the bankers are a mccafe latte served in a crusty dry hollowed out dog turd.

        that joy aside, seasons greetings to all, stay safe on the roads and drink plenty of coffee !


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          As it says on the BeanBay invoice, we don't ship Friday's (as it doesn't really get anywhere) and we finished shipping everything out yesterday but there are a lot of orders in the system already so I've swung by work to ship them out.

          Roasters, brewers and green beans all paid for overnight will ship now. No idea when they will arrive though, I think next Thursday is earliest due to freight holidays on Mon, Tue and Wed.

          All the roasted orders in the system will roast fresh on the next roast date you were shown at the top of the page in BeanBay when you ordered (and on the emailed invoice and the date in the roasting calendar and the date shown on the left column of BeanBay). We really can't think of any other ways of telling you when the roast to order days are!

          We really don't carry roasted stock, sitting around going stale in the hope someone buys it, we really, truly only roast to order so please don't email me, call me or beg... it doesn't help, it doesn't exist. I'm sorry you left it to the very last minute and I understand how busy it is this time of year and I'm even more sorry that you will have to drink supermarket coffee on Christmas day but it's really unfair to give us stress over your in action.

          All the roasted orders will roast fresh and ship on Tuesday 3rd Jan.

          To those that ordered early enough and have received your order already...



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            Yesterday's order arrived for me today. Thanks Andy. Fastway clearly keeping up with the demand of the season!


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              Piss poor effort Andy, one would of thought a man of your talents would of had a direct telephone line to santa and taken advantage of his Xmas eve delivery service.

              SHAKES HEAD. Tutt tutt



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                Originally posted by Smee View Post
                Piss poor effort Andy, one would of thought a man of your talents would of had a direct telephone line to santa and taken advantage of his Xmas eve delivery service.

                SHAKES HEAD. Tutt tutt

                There goes your Christmas present from Andy.

                I'm hoping for a Profitec Pro 500 and grinder (from my better half) to be under the tree.
                More likely to be a bottle of Blend 43 and a teaspoon.


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                  It's looking more and more like I can't string too many days together away from work... maybe next year!

                  I think we will be shipping out paid orders on Thursday, no idea when they will arrive at the destination but at least with tracking, people can give grief to the freight companies and not my inbox!