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  • DLRA Speedweek 2019

    Zed and I are heading off to DLRA Speedweek 2019 later today.

    His bike is already packed in the trailer and mine is about to go into the Snob Van along with a week's food, water, fly spray and sunscreen and a big pile of tools.

    Lake Gairdner is the salt lake where we are Land Speed Racing next week, it's a long way from anywhere in including Internet access so we won't be able to do updates but will post pictures and a story when we return.

    It's great to have Penrite on board this year, their products always stand-up in the hostile Aussie outback and you really need that over 300kmh for 8km at a time.

    Thanks to Sticker Monsters (also a Coffee Snob) for looking after our race numbers and signage, they look great.

    Thanks heaps to Paula for manning the Snobbery while the boys go play, green beans and ready to freight now roasted coffee will freight Mon-Thu while I'm racing and other roasted orders will get roasted on the 11th.

    As you know CoffeeSnobs don't really Facebook but there is some more detail on there for those that do

    Click image for larger version

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    All the best Andy – stay shiny side up!


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      WooHoo! Time for the boys to go play in the salt again, and this time Zed takes his own bike for some runs! WooHoo! indeed!!!

      Safe travels and fast traps to you both!

      Java "*ZOOM*ZOOM*ZOOM*" phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        Godspeed in your quest. Do you have a speed target this year?


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          Flynn Im not sure that term would be what I might of used ...All here know what you mean tho...

          'Ernie' after all may have run the Fastest Milk Cart in the West !
          But he's got nothing on Andy the Fastest Award Winning Coffee Roaster down South.

          Hope you can tame the wheel spin at 300kmh + and Nail a new Aust Record in MPS-BG1000 ....
          355kmh !! or even no limt....nail the 360kmh
          GL with it Andy


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            Running "moonshine" this year (E85) so am in 1000 MPS BF (F for fuel).

            350kmh would be nice for starters, as fast as I can go without tossing it away is the target!

            Heading out now, will update Sunday 10th when I get back into mobile range.


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              Originally posted by EspressoAdventurer View Post
              Flynn Im not sure that term would be what I might of used ...All here know what you mean tho...
              Yeah I admit it didn't sound right but Godspeed is a wish of good luck on a journey so I stayed with it As you said, you knew what I meant.


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                A event well worth attending, even if only for first 3 days or so.
                The post dawn wail of big hp engines straining against the force of ever thickening air.
                The cool crisp air with the echoes off the surrounding hills, and someone disappearing over the horizon - rapidly...

                A great little shed that serves a hearty home style meal overlooking the lake. Breakfast, lunch and tea, with drinks!

                Certainly a experience. Don't forget to take shade..


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                  "The cool crisp air" which quickly turns into 40c.

                  But it's still worth it for the spectacle.

                  Also, there is ready access to the pits where you find an openness of participants to talk about their passion.

                  A unique sector of motorsport in Australia.


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                    Good to see you've survived another year in the wilds of the salt, now you just have to make it through the long trip back through the dangers of civilization!

                    Java "Patiently awaiting the news" phile
                    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                      Speedweek 2019 is done and dusted, literally (we collected lots of red dust!)

                      We drove to Port Augusta, headed to Iron Knob and this signpost is the last bit of bitumen and phone signal.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      After 120km of red dirt and cattle-grid crossings and wildlife on the road (Roos, goats, sheep, lizards, emus) we get to the Mt Ive Submarine, time to take a photo of the snob van.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Drive another hour or so after the sub and setup camp near the lake, this is home for the week. We took the aeropress, kettle and small gas stove but this year also needed a generator to charge the battery in my bike so tossed in the Brazen too. It was pretty awesome to knock-out a pot of filter in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, before someone asks it was Yemen in the Brazen and Ardi in the Aeropress.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      The drive onto the lake as the sun cracks over the hills is always special.
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                        The pits are on the salt lake and about 5km up and it's always a drive full of anticipation.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        Get the two bikes ready and jump into the staging lake to queue for a run. Zed is having breakfast on the bike.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        Here's a picture of 3 green ones in a row (total coincidence we were staged in that order). Sam from QLD turbo ZX1200 on the left, my supercharged 1000 in the middle and Jeff from WA ZX1400 "naked" class without body work. 3 Kawasaki bikes in a row and all 3 riders members of the 200MPH club.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Following Zed to the startline in the Snob van while he's practising his tuck and getting the leather to stretch in the right directions. He twisted the throttle and left the van shortly after this pic

                          Click image for larger version

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                          We had lots of down time this year, lightning strikes on the lake smoked the very expensive Tag Heuer timing gear and it took half a day for the timing guys to move it all to new channels. We also copped a lot of wind (cross winds) which stopped racing as it's really spooky at speed and even some rain which all added to the lag.

                          Waiting for another run in full gear during a "wait for the wind to lessen, Zed clocked off in a chair.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          After each day it was back to the pits for changes, sprocket changes just done before sunset (and no light!)

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Then drive back to camp for dinner, sleep and a pre-dawn wake-up for another day of racing.

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                          Near all competitors were well off their best time this year, the environmental conditions just didn't allow for big powered things to get it down on the track or cross winds meant that no one could run straight.

                          Zed's best pass for the week was a 123.170mph average over the mile, the record for his production class is 123.174mph. I don't even know what 0.004mph is but it's small. To make it even more impressive, his bike is a 400cc in a 500cc class so he did that speed against bikes 25% bigger than his. The rest of the week strong headwinds and slippery track conditions had him running slower but I'm sure next year he'll come back faster. He peaked over 200kmh during the runs which we think makes this the fastest Kawasaki Ninja 400 in the world... that's awesome!

                          My best pass for the week was 198.74mph (320kmh) and after downloading the data from the ECU we could see that was at 48% throttle!!!! Track surface was my problem, I had tons of power (well over 300hp at the wheel) with near zero traction. During that run the front wheel of the bike was doing 320kmh and the rear 400kmh (worst slip) and the best was a 30kmh differential. The upside was that with my new ECU I get really great data after a run and can make fuelling adjustments and we have the bike tuned far better than you can on a dyno alone.

                          We'll be back next year and look forward to spending the "off-season" making the bikes better. There is a lot of dust and salt in the van and trailer which are still full in the driveway so I know what the rest of my day today looks like!

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Camping roadside at daybreak on the way home, felt "normal".


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                            Way to go Zed....
                            Awesome performance mate.

                            Well done again Team Freeman. Wonderful stuff...



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                              Just out of interest, How old is Zed now? Looks about 16.