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BeanBay - Upgrade 28th-29th June 2019

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  • BeanBay - Upgrade 28th-29th June 2019

    Hi All,
    we have been testing and tweaking many months of changes and fixes for BeanBay and they will be going live late tonight and tomorrow morning.

    Lots of things under the hood have been fixed including support for the new AustPost 56 digit barcodes so tracking will work and plenty of user area improvements in including pricing on the category pages and the biggest change, better BeanBay access from a mobile phone.

    For the most part, it will work like it always has but it will be way easier to navigate on a mobile without pinching and zooming.

    During the update, BeanBay will show a "maintenance page" so we don't lose anyone's orders in the middle of the process.

    We need to backup, change, test, test, test and then "go live" with the changes. Might take a few hours so if BeanBay is unavailable please just try again later or tomorrow.



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    Ok, so it went pretty smoothly (thanks to Matt, not me!)
    We found a few buggy things that were fixed on the fly and a couple that will get fixed over the weekend but nothing too nasty.

    I placed a pile of orders on both desktop and phone and the flow is better than ever.

    If you find anything quirky, post it up in here or use the [Contact Us] so we can add it to the list.


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      WooHoo! Always nice when things go smoothly!

      Java " " phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        We got our first order in the new system at 2:04am so at least we know it's actually working!

        Found a couple of new back-end bugs that couldn't be easily tested on the development server but Matt will have a look at them after some sleep.
        Don't want sleepless developers remoting into live servers (nor admins so I should think about bed too before I click oops!)


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          Sleep is good! I should get some of these years!

          Java "Kill the bugs!" phile
          Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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            New beanbay looks great on mobile, well done!


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              Great to hear shauno.

              We tested on a small sample of phones, both Apple and Android and even so we found some differences on the same Android and Chrome version on a different phone (very odd!) but we are hopefully most phones should work well.


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                I love that we can see when stocks are getting low.


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                  Looks great on iPad! Quicker to navigate too.


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                    Yes, lots of little changes that you will keep on finding with use.

                    Usability is improved and great to hear it was quicker too, rare for any IT upgrade to result in something working quicker.

                    It looks great on my phone, much easier to navigate, large buttons instead of tiny links helps too.

                    I must say, it was mighty nice to see orders coming in all day without any spot-fires, credit to Matt for a really smooth deployment and bug swatting at silly-o-clock this morning.


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                      Andy there are a bunch of sites which can test your site by emulating different phones. Like or google for a bunch, can go the full gamut on most from old to new, android to apple, any version. Helps a lot for exactly what you describe

                      Ps not hard to find a free site or get your work done in the 30 day trial


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                        Looks great, very handy seeing the prices at a glance on one page! well done.



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                          Agree with artman, pricing and availability on the BeanBay green links is a nice feature when ordering.


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                            New order made. I liked the changes to the shipping section and in particular the ability to add more without adding to the shipping cost (if this was a new feature!)


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                              Placed my first order on the new mobile site - all works well, very smooth & no issues

                              My last BeanBay order was 11 years ago!