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COVID Update - May June 2021

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  • COVID Update - May June 2021

    Feels like Groundhog Day, someone sneezed after returning from a South Australian quarantine and a couple of weeks later it looks like Victoria will be in lockdown again.

    In the great words of Douglas Adams... Don't Panic

    We've had good practice at this and CoffeeSnobs happily chugs along perfectly normally. We are very COVID-safe, only have contactless pickup at the Snobbery and everything roasts and ships per normal every day as our freight peoples also keep doing what they do. The only real difference to us is that we have an even quieter drive to work.

    If you're eligible (read: old) please go get vaccinated!
    The more the merrier and the less toilet paper hording needed going forward.

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    Ugh ... all the best ... got the first jab yesterday ... go get it everyone.


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      Thanks Andy, I’m due for another green order in a week or so, good to know the Snobbery is still in business!


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        Glenys and I have had our AZ vaccination, the first one and due for the second one soon. I consider it a social duty as much as anything else.


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          Finally got through to the hotline this morning after days of trying. I rang at 0800 on the dot and waited on hold for 30 minutes. Booked in monday arvo with the wife for round one of Phizer at Ballarat.


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            Thanks all.. couldn't agree more


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              Take care everyone in NSW these next couple of weeks