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Pandemic Freight - September 2021

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  • Pandemic Freight - September 2021

    YES, we are working, open, packing and shipping under covid safe rules during all lock downs as are our freight carriers.

    Fresh coffee IS definitely an essential service!

    Welcome to Spring. The weather is getting nicer, we get to see a little sun between the rain and wind and freight is pretty idle in some areas.

    Highlights (actually lowlights)
    • Sydney Fastway has been lagging for the last 3 weeks and has improved a little but still very slow.
    • Express Post was 1-3 days most of the country but is getting slower every day.
    • eParcel was sort of normal but is starting to slowdown at a rapid rate.
    Post appear to be shoveling off sorting to odd areas so tracking is getting weird with parcels sitting idle far a day, back tracking, and heading out again.

    It's really hard to get honest and reliable answers but it does seem that having the most populous states in COVID lock-down along with Fathers Day has caused the entire freight network to grind to a screaming dribble. I'm guessing some freight depots were closed for cleaning and caused a lot of backlog but it's just a guess and I'm assuming that the fright piles are sky high too.

    Some areas of Australia are still fairly good. Freight to SA, WA and regional VIC seems close to normal this week after it moves through the initial sorting lag on this side of the country. QLD is a little laggy but nothing is as bad as the greater Sydney region which is is even worse West and South West of Sydney.

    Please understand that the freight companies all want to deliver your order, they really don't want to go to work each day and look at a mountain of boxes or see 400 people on hold waiting to scream abuse at their help desk.

    Freight is a moving target, bottlenecks can happen at depots, border crossings, sorting facilities (with additional social distancing requirements) and local areas regardless of who is delivering it. Drivers and depot staff in two week quarantine will add to the network woes as will trying to find someone else to learn a drivers route and deliver items.

    If you order and we receive payment before lunchtime we'll always ship same day.

    Hopefully your items get to you as fast as possible in this current and unusual environment.

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    There's definitely an AusPost Express Post log jam somewhere.

    It's usually next day or day after from the Snobbery to the Sydney Northern Beaches, but my coffee shipment from Wed 1st has still not arrived.

    I remember when things got bad last year I had a package Express Posted from 6km away which was sent to Melbourne for sorting! Hopefully things will not go that far this time.

    Cheers all.


    • sfcoy
      sfcoy commented
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      FYI, my Express Post coffee delivery arrived this morning.
      i.e. Shipped Wednesday, arrived following Tuesday

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    Bit late to be asking now really, but what's going to be happening with the shipping for this Sunday's roast?

    I'm guessing that it's just eParcel that's not able to be shipped until Tuesday but all the other shipping options are as-normal(?)

    (Due to the parcel post collection freeze from 7am Sat 4th until 7am Tue 7th: )


    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      There is no impact from that to our shipping!

      AustPost media wasn't very clear, they are not picking up from the big retailers, we deliver our own postal items to the regional mail centre which is why we can get it delivered a day faster than posting at a post office.
      So no difference to us except a huge pile of other peoples stuff won't be in front of our orders in the sorting area.

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    I had to give in and buy beans from the local coffee shop. My order from last Sunday is still stuck in the post office in Geelong according to the tracking.


    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      Hmmm... ordered Friday arvo, fresh roasted Sunday, shipped Monday - we did our bit!
      Worse still you are not far away in a straight-line although freight doesn't go that way. I doubt it's at the Geelong Mail Centre as they truck everything out every night before they go home, they don't have any way of storing mail so that means it hasn't been scanned at the receiving location yet.
      I see your previous order took 2 days which is about normal. Hopefully it comes out of AustPosts blackhole soon!

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    Despite the 4-day AusPost pause on pickups, I’d bet they’ll still end being faster than Fastway/Aramex!


    • crazyhakins
      crazyhakins commented
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      Yeah I think it depends where you live. It's not lost on me though that Fastway changed their name and took the 'fast' out.

    • shauno
      shauno commented
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      My latest 10kg green order was sent from the Snobbery last Monday 30th August, via Aramex to me in Sydney, no tracking updates since then...

      I'm hoping it arrives in the next 2 days so I can roast before I run out!

    • friskhr
      friskhr commented
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      Hey Shauno - I’m in the same boat as you! Ordered pick up from Andy on 30th but still showing as “on route to Sydney” on Aramex website! Hope they would arrive soon ?

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    Plenty of weird freight examples.

    Shipped the 16th August (express) and still bouncing around

    Shipped the 26th August (express) and arrived in 2 days the same address!

    That makes it look like instead of "first in first out" their mountain of parcels is so big that they are delivering "last in first out" and the initial parcel is buried deep in the pile somewhere.

    It's really hard to make sense of freight movement but luckily nothing is being lost, it all gets delivered eventually.


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      Ordered Sunday night, arrived Tuesday morning. Yep this pandemic freight is a real problem. My delivery usually arrives a day later. Gee you’re slipping Andy…..


      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        Sorry for getting it there too quick. We really don't control the delivery speed, all we can do is freight it out on time which we do really well.

      • mthomas87
        mthomas87 commented
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        Andy the polite thing to do would be to send him some more beans that will arrive at a later date. Terrible customer service!

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      yep agree - ive had multiple deliveries delayed from AusPort, Fastway and Sendle. Sendle seems to still be the better ones of the bunch, but noone is immune to the parcel delivery delay.

      Its a concern for coffee lovers thats for sure !!


      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        Our local Fastway guy who picks-up Sendle tells me he gets notice of the pickup the day after the customer books it. So Sendle would actually be a day slower most of the time. It's because Sendle can't guess if a same day collection is possible so they always schedule the following business day so the customer thinks it was collected on time.

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      I just had an Australia Post eParcel shipment from another company that was going from SE Melbourne to East Melbourne get sent via Sydney, so I think at this point they're just making it up as they go along. When Melbourne was in lockdown but Sydney wasn't those routes made some sort of sense, but now? No rhyme or reason.


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        Just noticed that the Aramex option for shipping is significantly cheaper than Fastway. I thought Fastway at 17.5kg was the optimal per/kg option, but it seems Aramex is significantly cheaper.

        Has it always been like this?

        Any thoughts on using Aramex? Like above posts, I've had some good/bad experiences. I've had something shipped with them from Melbourne stuck in the system since 24/8.


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          ive been waiting on an Aramex parcel for over a week now (from Melbourne) with still nothing. Also - their website for tracking/delivery updates has a woeful lack of detail when compared to Australia Post, Sendle or the others.

          Based on my experience, I cannot recommend them. However, as stated, this seems to be tough times for all courier services.


          • Andy
            Andy commented
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            To clarify for the readers of this thread...
            1: You are not waiting on an order from CoffeeSnobs. I can't guess who is sending your order, how or when they shipped it. This thread is about our freight that I can check and track.

            2: per my previous reply to you above, Sendle is Fastway/Aramex most of the time. Sendle don't own a single vehicle.

          • Voltron
            Voltron commented
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            Oops - yes, absolutely !! To be clear im waiting for a delivery which ISNT from coffeesnobs (actually isnt coffee). So yes - nothing to do with the awesome services provided by this forum.

            Apologies for any confusion !

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          Originally posted by jchong View Post
          Just noticed that the Aramex option for shipping is significantly cheaper than Fastway. I thought Fastway at 17.5kg was the optimal per/kg option, but it seems Aramex is significantly cheaper. Has it always been like this? Any thoughts on using Aramex? Like above posts, I've had some good/bad experiences. I've had something shipped with them from Melbourne stuck in the system since 24/8.
          Significantly cheaper for your address and your order size, weight. volume. Can't generalise on the fourm as Aramex is a lot more expensive for some, cheaper for others.

          BeanBay always shows your shipping options at the checkout and you can determine then.

          Always like this? No, Aramex and Fastway are the same people, the Aramex shipping method is different and at some point in the future it will be the only one. We have a lot of Fastway pre-paid stickers that we are still using so both methods appear in BeanBay.


          • jchong
            jchong commented
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            Thanks for the update! Sorry I didn't see your previous post and commented prematurely.

          • Andy
            Andy commented
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            Easy to miss in half a million posts on the forum.

            Freight is a constantly moving target, slow in some areas, fast in others, cheap or more expensive it's really hard to keep on top of it but BeanBay will always show you the available options at the checkout.

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          Good thing I have a few beans at the bottom of the bag. Hope they last until the order arrives.


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            I can attest to the shipping being delayed, I ordered a spare roasting chamber for my GeneCafe from Beanbay on the 30 August with AusPost and am still waiting, I filled out their enquiry form and have been told to re-contact them if it’s not delivered by the 24 September. To be honest it’s no big deal for me but I would’ve thought that AusPost would have learnt from last year, and considering I’m only across the bay from Nth.Geelong….


            • Andy
              Andy commented
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              Yep, ordered after 3pm and shipped same day... I know we did our bit!
              Now we wait for post to carry it 75km to you. There is a pattern in this thread of things that were shipped on Monday the 30th sitting in a big pile somewhere and not moving (regardless of the destination). I suspect they keep stacking pallets in front of it and then delivering the latest items first but we'll never get post to admit to that. All we can do is wait for them to catch-up. Grrrrr.

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            I'm also waiting on my Beanbay order, picked up from the Snobbery 2 weeks ago (30th August) and heading to Sydney via Aramex. I've logged a parcel enquiry, I expected it to be slow, but not this slow!

            I only picked Aramex because I knew AusPost were having delays... next time I'll stick with AusPost.

            Just to be clear, ZERO issues with Andy/CS, my Sunday order was packed & out the door on Monday morning, which is still unbelievable.