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  • Freight Lag - update

    Pandemic freight has not been much fun and just when things were returning to normal the east coast of Australia got wet and threw another spanner in the works.

    Australia Post -
    Nothing official published about lag in specific areas but we're seeing:
    Express Post 1,2 or 3 days to most areas in the Express Post network.
    eParcel a couple of extra days lag to most areas (wet areas will be longer).

    Aramex -
    They have just started publishing a list of areas and they will update it daily (in theory) which is great.
    Many areas currently having grief with water or COVID isolation and you'll see how much lag for your area in the following list:

    CoffeeSnobs will continue to ship everything the day we receive payment for it,
    so order early, pay by Osko or PayID which is instant and we'll ship it the same day.



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    Funny how sometimes you can be lucky. Ordered Monday, shipped Monday by Beanbay delivered lower North Shore of Sydney on Wednesday AM. Picked Aramex as it was cheaper and really didn't mind if it took a month or so to arrive. Great service.

    Only slight blight (which wont happen to anyone else unless they live in the same suburb) is the driver left it outside our 2 metre wall on a step with a slight river flowing over it! Luckily was only there an hour, box got soaked through but greens barely damp. He could have pressed the buzzer


    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      Sadly, no common cure for stupid. Hopefully it was a fill-in driver and not your regular guy.

    • 338
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      All good, I just was stunned he left it the rain we had yesterday without hitting the buzzer. I work from home, guess it was a fill in as the regular guy knows that. To his credit he left it at the edge of the step which may have been dry when he left it but had 10mm of water flowing when picked up. I actually chose Aramex because we have a new Auspost guy who is scared of the dog so buzzs and runs - I thought he would leave it in the river.

      Very quick shipping to be delivered 48 hours after ordering!

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    Hey Andy, ive recently found out about this website and have finally ordered my first batch of beans. I would like to also suggest using sendle over aramex as i have found this service much better


    • amberale
      amberale commented
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      Sendless are crap in my experience.
      They lost a new grinder between Beaumaris and Bacchus Marsh and were totally uncontactable for the 6 weeks it took them to admit that they had lost it.

    • tompoland
      tompoland commented
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      Hi Patzorz and welcome. Sendle seems to be really hit and miss in my earlier experience of using them. Maybe they got their act together more recently. I have found AusPost to be the most consistent.

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    I've had pretty good service using Aramex from Andy to Brisbane


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      I am very happy With Sendle
      I have been using Sendle for the past 9 months for a regular 2kg parcel every 3 weeks from Croydon in Melbourne to Brisbane. The Quickest was under 48 hours from order being placed to delivery to my door in Carindale, Brisbane, the slowest was 4 days due to me ordering on a Thursday, so got caught up with less/no deliveries on the weekend, Parcel arrived on the Monday.
      Lucky I give my coffee bean supplies a few days spare to account for any delays.


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        Sendle simply won't work for us.

        A booking is collected next day, can't book same day (adding at least a day lag on everything we send), they won't do scheduled pickups, they change carriers randomly depending on your area (sometimes Aramex or couriers please and others too) and as mentioned above can't be contacted when there is a problem.

        Sendle is just webpage, not a courier company and they send their jobs to actual courier companies who you don't have a relationship with, you cannot contact (as sendle is their customer, not you)

        While sendle might randomly work okay for someone at home, it wont for business and certainly won't work for the volume that CoffeeSnobs sends..


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          Originally posted by Patzorz View Post
          Hey Andy, ive recently found out about this website and have finally ordered my first batch of beans.
          Welcome aboard.

          Fresh roasting Sunday, shipping Monday



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            APRIL UPDATE

            Australia Post:
            • Express Post - pretty good Australia wide. Rarely overnight but still the fastest (albeit most expensive) option.
            • eParcel - a few days slower than normal but getting everywhere okay.