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    Welcome to:
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    Espresso Company Australia

    PO Box 170
    Terrey Hills
    NSW 2084

    Phone: 1300 326 326 / +61 2 9479 7100
    Fax: 1300 789 826 / +61 2 9986 3943
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    Vibiemme domobar super 2b

    Hey CS’ers,

    Long time and little posting from us all here at Espresso Company, however with a complete cavalry of staff we are looking to boost our post time and come back to you all!
    Looking at the site lately we have seen a lot of talk in regards to the Domestic Dual Boiler machines on the market.

    Well, we wanted to get involved and put forward some thoughts on one of our favourites the Vibiemme Domobar Super 2B.
    After receiving initial samples and supportive collaboration with Vibiemme, we committed to bring the current model, version 4 of the Domobar Super 2B to the Australian market. And in our opinion this machine is the bees knees.

    The dual boiler system within the Super 2B allows for back to back shots to be produced consistently with a steam quality that is hard to surpass.
    VIbiemme have introduced their Power Management Control System (PMCS) which basically is a compensation system that allows for optimum performance for the brew boiler with (600 watt) and without (600 + 300 watts) the steam boiler operating. This system allows both boilers to heat simultaneously with no adverse effect on temperature stability or exceeding 10 amps. A heat exchange feeds the brew boiler there compensating for the lower element wattage, whilst the insulated 0.5L Brew boiler ensures temperature stability and at this size, easily recharge with fresh water as required for consistent better flavours in the cup.

    For those wanting to explore the realm of temperature variations and control, the 2B offers easy access to brew temperature changes via the Gicar PID interface, giving you the power to find the best result from your coffee.

    The 1.9L steam boiler, which is mounted horizontally, produces both phenomenal steam power and milk texture.

    For more info on the Super 2B follow any of the links provided or contact our supportive distributors including some of your favourite site sponsors!


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      Introducing the Aillio Bullet R1 and accessory range at The Coffee Experience

      Hi CS’ers,

      As the team gear up for The Coffee Experience later this week, we are excited to announce that Espresso Company Australia will be bringing the Aillio Bullet R1 and Aillio accessory range into Australia.
      The accessories have already landed and we are looking forward to announcing a release date on the Bullet R1 when this becomes available.
      For all those who have been watching the progression of Aillio and anticipating the arrival of the Bullet R1, we are lucky enough to have Jonas Lillie one of the masterminds behind Aillio on the stand with us throughout The Coffee Experience.
      Jonas will be bringing with him the Bullet R1 and we will have the accessories on display, so we welcome you all to drop by the stand, enjoy a coffee with us and learn from the master how the Bullet operates.
      See you there Thursday 3rd- 5Th September at Moore Park on stand number 6!


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        Awesome Home Barista Set-up

        Hi CS’ers,
        As some of you may know Rocket Espresso have added the new Fausto Grinder to their range. Here at ECA we think pairing the Fausto grinder and an R58 creates an awesome home barista setup. Therefore for the month of May anyone still dreaming of this ideal home barista set-up should contact their local Australian Rocket Espresso dealer and many of whom are site sponsors to find out about the promotion on these two models
        We also want to see all of your home barista set-ups, so for the entire month we are asking all the home baristas out there to post a picture to either Facebook, Instagram or twitter of their awesome set-up with the hashtag #homebaristasetup and tag Espresso Company Australia in the post so that we can see your entry.
        At the end of each week in May we are selecting a winner from the images posted and as a prize they will receive an Aillio accessory. For the #homebaristasetup promotion the espresso equipment you have at home can be any make/model, we just want to see what you love!
        Instagram: @espressocompany
        Facebook: Espresso Company Australia
        Twitter: @espressocompany

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          Rocket launch at MICE

          Hey CS’ers,

          MICE is just around the corner and we thought we’d give you all a taste of what we’ll be unveiling this year at the show on stand 209.

          As you may have already seen, we are excited to launch the new Rocket Espresso domestic model range for 2017!

          Delivering above expectations yet again, Rocket have unveiled the new contemporary design for the 2 Giotto models. Each new style carries a stainless steel cup surround and height adjustable feet as a standard. A PID temperature control has been built into the Giotto Evoluzione R and the steam/hot water knob from the R58/R60V/Appartamento model has been carried into the Giotto line with the incorporation of the Rocket branded cap.

          The Mozzafiato is a fresh new model for our current range in Australia. A minimalistic yet breathtaking design, the Mozzafiato is a linea panel heat exchange style prosumer espresso machine, with side panels in cast aluminium as seen in the commercial line of the Rocket Boxer. Available as either a vibration (V/white guage) or Rotary (R/black gauge) pump model the Mozzafiato includes PID temperature control on both styles, insulated boilers and a stainless steel cup guard as a standard.

          A version of both models will be with us on display at MICE this year so feel free to have a look at the new styles.

          We are expecting that the Mozzafiato will be available in Australia approximately late April 2017 and followed with the release of the new Giotto Tipo V (Vibration/White gauge) & Giotto Evoluzione R (Rotary/Black gauge) in June 2017.

          Also, making a special pre-launch MICE appearance is the new RE A commercial espresso machine, we’ll save the details and chat at the show under the big top.

          Returning again to MICE this year is the Aillio Bullet R1 with Manufacturer Jonas Lillie on the stand with us for the duration of the show. The Bullet R1 is a highly anticipated roaster with the release date in Australia still to be confirmed. We are excited that Aillio are moving towards finalising all the required certification for the Bullet R1 so that we can move forward with the production and launch of the Bullet R1 into Australia.

          We look forward to catching up with anyone that can make the show in Melbourne!
          Click image for larger version

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            ECA Update

            The new Giotto Tipo V has now landed completing the Rocket Espresso 2017 domestic range here in Australia.
            Details and images for the new models are available on our Espresso Company website which we launched earlier this month.


            We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new website. Some of the new features include updated images of our domestic and commercial equipment range and online ordering for spare parts. If new to the home barista group (or simply wanting a refresher) use the ‘How to Videos’ as a guide to getting started. If you’re in the market for a new coffee machine, be it your first or looking to upgrade, the ‘Where to Buy’ section will take you through to your local retailer.

            The team at ECA put a lot of pride into preparing our range of equipment for all of the Rocket Espresso, VBM and Anfim customers in Australia. Each of us here really enjoy seeing how much you love making coffee from your machine and the variety of home barista setups, so if you share a post with some of our models we would love to be tagged in on any of the following:

            Instagram: @espressocompany
            Facebook: Espresso Company Australia
            Twitter: @espressocompany

            Look forward to seeing some great things from all the Coffee Snobs!


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              Some exciting news from our warehouse this week with the arrival of the Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera!

              The Serie Nera variation of the Rocket Appartamento features black side panels and the choice of either white or copper inserts. Another variation that the Serie Nera features, is the black stainless steel cup surround, which is a beautiful and functional addition to this model.

              All other aspects of performance, features and function replicate the original Appartamento range.

              We are happy to answer any queries or check out the range of site sponsors who partner with us to provide Rocket Espresso equipment throughout Australia.


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                Introducing FrankOne and R Cinquantotto

                First of all, we hope everyone is hanging in there ok and enjoying some tasty coffee at home or supporting your favourite local where possible.
                Its been incredible to watch the strength, support, engagement and good nature the entire Australian coffee movement has displayed over the past few months. Beautiful to see and the entire team here at ECA are very grateful to be involved an industry/community like this. Thank you!

                We have welcomed a couple of changes/ additions to the range, one which you may have noticed and another due to arrive in the coming month.

                Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto:
                The Rocket R Cinquantotto first arrived in our warehouse during the late stages of August. Taking the baton from the R58, cinquantotto translates to 58, the Cinquantotto has a few new features which are a welcome addition to the model.
                * A new communication pod is now mountable to the side of the body, meaning you can attach or remove easily to maintain the clean and timeless Rocket design.
                * Temperature adjustments to both boilers can be made on this communication pod
                * The pod also provisions for automatic on/off so your espresso machine will be ready when you are.
                * The cronometro shot timer is a subtle addition which will begin to count once the lever is lifting to activate and reverts to a mirror finish once the espresso has poured and lever returned to the off position.
                * A unique design for the legs and subtle change to the shape of the side panel and an inscribed 'R' on the cup guard.

                Images and further details can be found with the following link

                Introducing FrankOne:
                FrankOne is an efficient coffee brewer which is the first to be developed entirely at origin, in Colombia!
                It is designed to produce both hot filter coffee and cold brew coffee from the same device, using the patent pending VacTec technology.
                VacTec uses a vacuum with negative pressure to pull water through the bed of ground coffee, in turn accelerating the extraction time.
                FrankOne is the most efficient cold brewing method with the finished product ready to drink in as little as four minutes, whilst maintaining the same concentration, low acidity & sweetness as a traditional method.
                A full bodied and characteristically sweet filter coffee can be produced to Specialty Coffee Asociation (SCA) Golden Cup brewing standard from 30 seconds.

                Things we love:
                * One device to brew both hot filter and cold brew coffee
                * The flavour produced for both methods of brewing
                * The efficiency of creating both methods of brewing
                * Rechargeable via USB with 100 coffees per 2 hour charge time
                * Reusable metal filter, minimising waste
                * That manufacturers Frank De Paula developed this entirely at origin

                First shipment is due to arrive in Australia early October and more information can be found on

                For pricing and availability on either of these products check in with any of the site sponsors we partner with or our list of retailers throughout the country

                Always welcome to check in with us if there are any details we can help with!
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                  Introducing the Aillio Bullet R1 V2 with CB/CE certification. The wait is over!

                  We know there has been loads of anticipation and a lengthy wait for this news, so here we go!

                  At the beginning of October, we popped a quiet champagne with the BIG news that the Aillio Bullet R1 V2 has passed the final round of tests and is now CB/CE certified. This is the compliance legally required to bring the Bullet R1 into Australia. And, on top of this, as of Friday last week, the paperwork has been signed, sealed and delivered!

                  Finally we can answer our most frequently asked question "When does the Bullet arrive?"
                  We are over the moon to let you know the first shipment of Aillio Bullets will be landing in Australia, February 2021!

                  And as for the price, the list price for the Bullet will be set at $5,499.00 including GST.

                  We know that some have had their details down for quite a while (years in some cases) and others interested and following the progress of the Bullet. If this is you we would love to hear form you so that we can firm up interest and begin to allocate stock with our network throughout the country.

                  If you could kindly email to express your interest, or any other inquiries regarding the Bullet and include the following details:
                  * Full name
                  * Phone number
                  * State/ Postcode

                  Our team will then reply with acknowledgment and pass on your details to the most local retailer.

                  If you have already confirmed a unit with one of our partners retailing the Bullet, we are sure they will be in contact with you.

                  Finally, THANK YOU!!

                  We understand that your patience, support and commitment to the Bullet has been overwhelming and cannot be underestimated.

                  Our team are very much looking forward to seeing the Bullet roasting on benches throughout Australia.


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                    NEW PRODUCT RELEASE

                    VBM - THE NEW ERA
                    Last week we launched the new era of VBM espresso machines.
                    We have been longtime partners with VBM and loyal to the quality of espresso and steam pressure the machines from this brand always deliver.
                    News that there would be a relaunch of the range has been in the air for a couple of years now, and our team are impressed with the final results.

                    We now have stock of the VBM Domobar Junior and Super 2B (both digital versions).

                    Full details can be found on our website and we will share a few bullet points below, but really worth checking out the complete transformation for these models:

                    Domobar Super – Espresso Company Australia
                    Domobar Junior – Espresso Company Australia

                    Domobar Junior
                    • Heat Exchange unit with E61 style group head
                    • Magnetic skin side panels for easy replacement or customisation
                    • Coloured steam pressure indicator to display when the boiler pressure is optimal for producing powerful dry steam
                    • Digital touch screen interface
                    • Shot timer activated on display screen
                    • Panels available in black/white or stainless steel by request

                    Domobar Super 2B
                    • Dual boiler model with pressure profiling the VBM Power Management Control System (PMCS)
                    • Pressure profiling for up to 10 recipes, configured through 8 variable settings per profile with a range from 0-14 bars of pressure
                    • Precise temperature adjustments
                    • Digital interface with automatic on/off timer
                    • Magnetic skin side panels for easy replacement or customisation
                    • Panels available in black/white or stainless steel by request

                    It's been a busy month for us at ECA.

                    As many of you know we have launched the Aillio Bullet and thoroughly enjoying the results and feedback from everyone who has added a Bullet to their home, coffee lab or had the chance to demo a unit.
                    If there are any details we can help with or to be put in contact with a local reseller, please let us know.
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                      Happy NY to all and some big news to kick our year off!

                      We have a new product in our ECA range, the Morning Capsule Machine.
                      This is a different avenue for us, but we have seen the industry shift and many roasters offering capsules so we want to do what we can to add to their offering and have partnered with a brand that aims to take the flavour of capsule coffee to the next level.

                      Morning believes in brewing with intention. The brand & team at Morning align with ECA in honouring the craft of coffee. Their ethos, that each bean should be brewed & enjoyed the way the roaster intended it to taste.

                      What is Morning?
                      Morning is a coffee capsule machine which will elevate the home coffee experience, bringing new features and precise controls to the capsule machine.
                      Taking into account the convenience of the capsule, Morning is designed for the time savvy coffee lover, habitual morning drinker and now the inquisitive home barista.

                      What makes Morning different?
                      Pressure profiling - 3 stags at 7 levels, to explore & refine the variation in flavour from the same coffee
                      Temperature Settings - adjustments from 75 -98 degrees Celsius in increments of 1 degree Celsius
                      Weight Based Espresso Yield - to measure the right amount over the right time
                      Bloom Time - optimising the saturation period before extraction
                      Ready to Brew - Morning comes with 10 pre-set recipes for convenience
                      Wi - Fi Connectivity - Morning is the first Smartphone App connected capsule machine with free firmware updates.
                      Morning App - provides access to discover and repeat the roasters ideal recipes, as well as developing and saving your favourite profiles

                      For more details head over to our website or contact our team for details
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