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    Higher Coffee Prices Equals Cheating on Quality
    World coffee prices are now on the rise due to lower than expected output in production and exports, with the trend continuing into September shown in increasing prices for both arabicas and robustas on the New York and London Stock Exchanges.
    To put this into perspective, Brazil, for example, is one of the world’s largest coffee bean producing regions, predominately of robustas. It typically produces about 55 million bags of coffee annually, but recent data suggests the projected amount will be around 30 million by the end of 2014. Coffee production is just one of the contributing factors to raising coffee prices.

    As the coffee prices increase, we are also seeing this have an effect on the quality of coffee in the cup. Recent media reports have stated that many producers and roasters are adding ‘fillers’ to your pre-ground coffee to maximise profits. They warn consumers that as coffee prices continue to rise, so too will the surprise ingredients hidden in your coffee.

    FoxNews reported last month that you might be drinking wheat, corn, soybeans, rye, ground acai seeds and even brown sugar in your morning brew. These fillers are not harmful but will certainly affect the taste and quality of your coffee.
    Now more than ever, buying freshly roasted coffee that is ground on demand is crucial as opposed to buying brick packs’that arrive in Australia from various roasters around the globe (such as Italy, Germany, USA etc).
    Di Bella Coffee’s long term relationships with farmers at origin are crucial in fulfilling our promise of suppling quality products to our customers. Through the Crop to Cup programme, our green bean purchasing business, we buy 100% of our raw coffees from reputable farmers who have been dealing with us for over a decade.

    These farmers have and continue to enjoy the pricing collaboration and economic security of dealing with us long-term, independent of the pricing fluctuations in the market.
    In other words, our suppliers deal with high quality coffees, for which they are well paid for, and as such it provides them no benefit to contaminate the lots with foreign agents.
    My Crop to Cup also has independent parties, such as Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), test batches of green beans to verify the integrity of the loads before leaving origin to come to Australia.
    Once the raw coffee has arrived, it undergoes additional inspections by our production team before being stored into silos at our roasting facility. Cupping and roasted quality checks are also undertaken with every batch to ensure that all our coffees meet the parameters established by our production team.

    Our buying practices and quality assurance procedures, from origin through to roasting, ensure that our customers are drinking nothing but fresh, roasted quality coffee in their favourite blend.