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  • Prosumer Coffee Machines

    Prosumer Coffee Machines

    Prosumer Coffee Machines is an extension of specialty coffee roasters, Witham’s Coffee. We select only premium espresso machines and equipment that will have you making great coffee and are built to last.

    With over two decades in the specialty coffee industry, we have the experience and knowledge of all things coffee. With the right beans and equipment, we can have you producing a coffee at home that is as good as, if not better, than your favourite cafe. Talk to us today for all your coffee needs

    Prosumer Coffee Machines/Witham’s Coffee
    5 Salisbury Rd, Hornsby, 2077
    P: 02 9482 1122

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    Hello Coffee Snobs,

    Prosumer Coffee Machines is a part of Witham’s Coffee Specialty Roasters, who have over 25 years’ experience in the coffee industry, and we are passionate about the whole process, from green beans to cup (which is where Prosumer comes in). We are pleased to be part of the Coffee Snobs community as we know most people on here take coffee as seriously as we do

    We offer high end coffee machines, grinders, and accessories, as well as being able to provide advice on all things coffee.

    We also offer repairs on high end coffee machines, with quick turnaround times, transparent pricing and even offer contactless drop off via our online booking form.

    So if you find yourself in the Hornsby area, drop in, say g’day and grab a coffee.

    Hope to see you soon.


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      Ex-Display Clearance

      Prosumer Coffee Machines and Witham’s Coffee now have a number of ex-display coffee machines and grinders for sale at a significant discount. A list of the machines and grinders are below.

      These are all ex-display, not demo models so have had NO Coffee put through them and are all current models. All are in great condition but we only have one of each at these prices, so get in quick if you are interested.

      Visit to view details or get in touch or drop in to have a look for yourself.

      Ex Display Machines
      • Rocket Appartamento Copper
      • Rocket Giotto Tipo V
      • Rocket Mozzafiato Tipo R
      • Rocket R Cinquantotto (R58)
      • ECM Mechanika V Slim
      • ECM Technika V
      • Profitec Pro 700
      • Quick Mill QM67
      • Quick Mill Rubino
      • Rancilio Silvia

      Ex Display Grinders
      • ECM S 64 (white)
      • Rocket Faustino (black)
      • Mazzer Mini E (silver)
      • Rancilio Rocky No Doser