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Pouring Latte Art technique....

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  • Pouring Latte Art technique....

    Hi All...Im a newbie, and this is my first post on CS. Ive found the info on this site great, so joined in.

    Im wondering, can anyone help me. I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to pour a latte flower.
    (Fluked a heart here and there)
    I froth the milk fine, but when I try and jiggle the jug from side to side to get a flower,
    all I get is the milk seems to gloop forward from the back and sides of the jug, so sort of splashes into the cup.
    If I try smaller wiggles the all i get is a very minute flower like thing in the middle of the cup. I can never manage to get the beautiful flower art you guys are producing here.

    Are their any tips someone can give me to help?


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    Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

    Much like making espresso, to pour good latte art (or just pour anything that doesnt look like a Rorschach test on drugs) all factors have to align: the quality of the milk, the amount of air, the length of time, and even the design of the pitcher. Take all these and add the pouring technique itself.

    I have been able to get some artish looking designs with a bell pitcher, but the spout is way too wide. Look for a pitcher that looks like one of these:
    or these ode=215

    Notice that they are fairly straight-walled, the spouts extend a good distance down the side of the pitcher, and there is a slight lip at the lip of the pour spout.

    Best advice is to get to a cafe that pours good art and watch and learn and ask questions.


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      Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

      Thanks Randy for the links...

      my jugs look pretty good then on the scale of what you showed me. They look almost identical.
      I have a 20 & 30 oz jug (600 / 900 ml) I guess that means its purely my technique that sucks.

      Is there any links or vids that you know of that can teach me correct technique?

      Cheers for your help.



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        Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

        Im in a similar situation Kev, everytime i try and pour the leaves, i end up with a heart lol.


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          Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

          I find the best way to get thstart point for your art is to pour high, and then gradually lower until the milk holding up in the crema.



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            Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

            Here are a few golden pointers that will get anyone started in latte art. I will skip the basics like espresso preparation and milk. I will assume you can texture perfect milk for latte art and the basics of splitting milk.

            For pure latte art, milk steamed to a lower temperature works best. If the crema is stubborn, the milk will not break through the crema....swirl the cup around to break the crema up a bit.

            Start high and finish low. Make sure you regulate the amount of milk coming out by using a jug with a nice and tight spout. 600mL Incasa works well for me...I havent found any other brand better...yet. The premise for this is start high finish low concept is that, when you start high, the milk has enough velocity to punch through the crema. Bring the crema to the top and then break through the crema to create whatever pattern you like. To break through the crema, you need to finish low.

            For single rosettas, hearts and tulips; always start shaking in the centre of the cup...start when the cup is about half to 3/4 full....remember you want a nice brown canvas to work with by floating the crema to the top. Some people start at the back of the cup for rosettas....this works too, however I find I produce nicer single rosettas when I start in the centre of the cup. It allows the outer leaves to curl over themselves, also leaving a nice brown ring of crema around the whole cup.

            Control, patience and practice is the key to latte art. You need steady hands and precise control over your milk and jug to pour latte art. Patience is essential because latte art can be a frustrating pursuit. More often than not when starting out, you will have more disappointments. This is inevitable, however when you nail that one pour out of 100 tries, the feeling of satisfaction is a great high. Practice, practice, practice. I count myself lucky, I make hundreds of coffees a day and all my dine in coffees go out with latte art....most takeaways go out with double or triple rosettas....its great practice for me. With out practicing, I would never be able to pour latte art on command.

            I hope this helps.


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              Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

              Im certainly not in the league of David S, but there is one thing in particular that kick started me into some reasonable rosettas at least. This was pouring at the right speed. Most of the time when I waggled the jug, the milk would all sink below the surface of the crema and I would be left with just a white mark on the top. This was a source of frustration, however simply by accident one day, I poured the milk in quite quickly. It felt like I was pushing it into the surface of the crema. It worked a treat. I also found that the thickness of the textured milk was a major thing for me. Too thick and it just pours in globs or at least the art work is thick with no definition. Too thin, it just doesnt happen full stop.

              There are plenty of latte art examples on sites like youtube. Watch the good examples a few times and its amazing what tips you can pick up.


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                Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

                Thank you all for your input, I have tried watching a few vids as suggested (they make it look all to easy), and looked through these forums (very helpful).
                I managed to pour 2 in a row today, not quite big beautiful rosettas but slightly thinner ones at least in the middle of the cup. (filled about half the cup accross). This result was pleasing for starts, and now encourages me to keep practicing. Thanks for your help people...I might have to post a pic in the beginners section...

                Cheers / Kevbb.


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                  Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....



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                    Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

                    Welcome to CS chinesejia

                    Here is the English translation

                    Looked like is good
                    my English not good
                    everybody not to have to mind Kazak


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                      Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

                      friends. Nice to see you here.
                      I am a barista from China. Because I just start my way ,
                      there is still a lot for me to learn.
                      I will be greatly appreciated for your help.
                      We can also share the love for coffee.
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                        Re: Pouring Latte Art technique....

                        friends. Nice to see you here.