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Presso Performance with Encore (video)

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  • Presso Performance with Encore (video)

    31MB 3min 720p

    Presso was already preheated with a load of hot water while I ground and tamped.
    Video kicks off after 2nd boil when portafilter was steam warmed.

    Juno soundtrack was playing on the PC in background.

    This was a one-shot affair at start of sunset on the 38degC Perth day (21degC aircon inside).
    I watched the sunset while drinking the coffee with some dark chocolate while the PC compressed the 222MB video to 31MB.
    I knew I shouldnt have had the coffee and I would pay for it now, but at the time it was a lithium experience.

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    Re: Presso Performance with Encore (video)

    Interesting as I have never ran my system into a clear glass... Will have to do and see the reaction of my kids...

    Love the wave action - So what happens if you turn around twice


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      Re: Presso Performance with Encore (video)

      I watch the video while drinking a poor auto machine coffee at work, halfway there to fooling myself.