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Real oriental mocha coffee

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  • Real oriental mocha coffee

    I´d like to post something about mocha coffee. (Unfortunately some coffee-shops use the traditionally name to sell a chocolate-espresso-milk-and-something-drink.)
    With a whiff of cinnamon and cardamom, a bit sugar mocha coffee is just genial!
    Sadly we haven´t had the chance to prepare the mocha in the traditional way - with char and glow - the studio owner was a coffee freak, but fire in the house… no chance.




    - baristaschmiede by Sener

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    Real oriental mocha coffee

    Can you post the process for making your mocha coffee?

    I've only ever had the chocolate-milk-with-espresso variety and your photos make me want to try this at home! What does one need for a real mocha?


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      Traditional mocha coffee ceremony

      What do you need?

      the right coffee: 100 % Arabica, middle dark rosted, very fine grounded coffee (the best would be a special mocha grinder, which you can buy att at turkish or arabian shop)
      the pot, a turkish "Cevze" (different size are available, for 2, 4 or 6 cups)
      perfect, cause traditional, would be real fire with glow - but of course it also works with a normal cooker. If you have ever the chance to taste both versions, you will realise the difference
      Spices: cinnamon, cardamom, clove - But real fresh spices, no syrup!
      fine sugar

      First you take a bit more water, than you need to fill the cup, you´d like to drink later the mocha out of it.
      Boil up the water in the cevze. Than take it down from the cooker and put the coffee in. About 4 heaped teaspoons for a portion. The sugar caramelizes. Constantly mix now the coffee.
      Take the cevze back on the cooker. From this moment on it is important not to boil (!) the mocha, just simmer it!
      So simmer the mocha and put some sugar (about 1 teaspoon per cup) in.
      As soon as the mocha begins to get foamily and brews, take the cevze down from the cooker. So the foam gets down a bit.
      Take the cevze back on the cooker and again as soon as the mocha begins to get foamily and brews, take the cevze down from the cooker.
      Repeat this about 3 times. During stiring the mocha with the spoon try to mix the liquid coffee with the foam carefully.
      Before the last time simmering the mocha, put the spices (as you prefer) in. Not more than a espresso spoon.

      That´s all!

      Important: The mocha has to simmer, unless the bubbles would be too big! You pour in the mocha with the coffee grounds in the cup. So you have to drink carefully, only small drams, the coffee grounds doesn´t taste very well. And use pre-heated cups please.

      Good luck and take your time!



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        Re: Real oriental mocha coffee



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          ...and take a copper "Cevze", that is the original.


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            looks like the thick and bitter European coffee that they use to read your fortune