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My Swan vs Japanese Swan

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  • My Swan vs Japanese Swan

    Hi folks,

    So here is my latest swan attempt. Getting there, but still struggling with fine detail.

    Click image for larger version

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    I was in Tokyo recently and got poured this bad boy. Any suggestions how I progress from my clunky swan above to something like this? I'm unclear if the issue is foaming technique, pouring technique, spout type, cup shape, or all of the above

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Tim
    Pretty good effort.
    They are different style of pour though so if you want to try the second pic that’s what you need to practice.
    It’s more of a Rosetta style swan. Progress through a heart, wing (layered) heart, Rosetta, wing Rosetta then the swan.

    Your milk needs to be pretty good for that any yours looks a little thick. Hard to tell from the pic though.
    Mugs are easier than cups (because it’s bigger) and the jug will benefit from the spout begin long with the handle.

    Be gentle with your pour and steady hands for even layers.
    If I can i’ll get some pics tomorrow at work & post.
    Might get the next level pic for you too ��

    Good luck in your quest. Be patient as it can be a slow process. You’ll make gains then go backwards etc


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      Thanks for the detailed feedback. I definitely had too much air in the milk for my pic, as you can tell by the surface bubbles breaking through by the time I took the pic. I seem to alternate between foam that's a little too thick, and foam that's a little too thin. I'm only making 2 coffees a day, and my milk occasionally changes depending on the shops we visit, so dialling it in is not a quick process!

      I find that I get thicker foam (and therefore less fine detail) right at the end of my pour. I'm guessing this is all about foaming technique, or does this point to something else?

      Your cup size comment is interesting too. I always pour and drink 200ml cups - maybe I should force myself to drink more milky coffee in order to practice haha

      I think I might go back to tulips for a while to get that tulip wing happening, then come back to the swan, as I feel my swan needs a base.


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        Thicker foam at the end could be a few things. Either milk a bit thick, or you have let the milk settle too long causing the foam to float.
        Drink the size you want & get used to pouring into that size cup. I never recommend changing your preferred coffee to do better latte art

        The next step in swans is turning the cup. Inverted swans are one turn then framed is at least 2 (see pic, 2 turns for each small Rosetta)
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          Thanks for the input - great swan! I'm back on tulips for now trying to perfect the wing and the positioning in the cup. Once I get that nailed I'll revisit the rest of the swan