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Brazil Yellow Bourbon/Monsooned Malabar

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  • Brazil Yellow Bourbon/Monsooned Malabar

    Well I didnt really think of this, just threw together some left overs from the last roast.
    250g Brazil pulled at the first snaps of second crack,
    150g Malabar, pulled about 1min into SC, when snaps are at the rate of 1-2 per second. (Before the fireworks").
    Didnt check the colour on the CS card this time as I was in a hurry.

    I dont like the Malabar too much on its own, and the Brazil is nice but a bit mild to use on its own in milk drinks IMO.

    So anyway I made myself a double espresso this morning, and although not the best I have had (the Malabar was still a bit overpowering), the texture and mouthfeel had to be up there with some of best blends I have had.

    After lunch, I made a double latte, again it poured very nicely, the crema was reddish brown and lasted the whole 3min it took to drink it. The flavour was completely different in milk, as an espresso it was quite spicy and "in your face" but now it was more like a cross between honey and unsweetened chocolate, with a lingering mint-like(?) aftertaste that becomes more fruity as it fades.

    Sorry for the poor description... Im quite new at this.

    Here are some pics of the one I just made.

    Taken at 9sec, 15sec and 26sec just before cutting off due to blonding. Id guess it was around 50-60ml from 16g coffee.

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    Re: Brazil Yellow Bourbon/Monsooned Malabar

    Yes, the Yellow Bourbon is mild but very sweet and the Monsooned Malabar will deliver miles of crema, body and spice.

    The pour times and volumes read spot-on and the photos are excellent. What a great looking and consistant drizzle, nice crema and your milk texture looks spot-on.

    The whole thing looks like an ad for the Domobar Super Lever and Macap M5 grinder!

    Nice work.