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Blend with these 5 Beans

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  • Blend with these 5 Beans

    Hi all

    Been having fun doing my first ever roasts in my popper from my starter pack! Had a few nice batches of peru and waiting a few days to try my ethiopian.

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on blends of the following beans (or just tips on how/if they match each other)?

    Ethopian Ghimbi
    Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
    India Mysore A
    Ugandan Masaba AA
    Di Bartoli Columbia Supremo

    thanks for helping a noob with an unrefined palate

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    Re: Blend with these 5 Beans

    Why blend?  Enjoy them all as single origins first, then have a look at the Mal/Pioneer Roaster thread on blending.



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      Re: Blend with these 5 Beans

      I agree with SniffCoffee.
      Learn what they taste like as SOs first.
      I hardly ever blend, as I see no need to with all the wonderful tasting beans you can get here.


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        Re: Blend with these 5 Beans

        yes thats true. ive only tried one of the 5 as a SO so far so maybe im getting a bit ahead of myself

        any tips for future reference will still be appreciated - the blending process seems quite interesting


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          Re: Blend with these 5 Beans

          Originally posted by 696767792E776F6E67000 link=1311226171/3#3 date=1311236144
          the blending process seems quite interesting
          It certainly is and even better when you know which beans complement each other for your palate. Get to know your beans in various roast profiles first, as profiles can affect the end result quite markedly so its no good any of us just recommending 30% of bean A with 70% of bean B, or some such thing...

          Most of the fun of roasting at home is the development of knowledge, of the beans and the roasting process; it never ends in reality but in order to have a platform from which to launch possible blends, you need to at least have some basic knowledge under your belt first. This is just my way of looking at things of course, and may not necessarily gel with your perceptions and that of others.

          Have a go at learning the nuances of the beans you already have and then try some post-roast blending after that. Much more fun that way.... 8-)