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beanbay starter pack blends?

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  • beanbay starter pack blends?

    Hey guys,
    This is my first post on the coffeesnobs forums. Would like to say thanks to Andy and the mob for sending the beans so quickly
    As said in the title, I want to know if you guys have any suggestions for blends found in the starter-pack? The beans included in mine are: Brazilian Pulped Natural, Vietnamese, Peru and Ethiopian.
    I have roasted all of the above beans a few times, they all have very distinct flavors and qualities.

    Ethiopian: Very rich beans with deep flavour.

    Brazilian: Smooth and fruity bean. Earthy undertone, great base bean.

    Vietnamese: Quite a sharp flavor, doesnt have the smoothness of the Brazilian.

    Peru: This was my favorite bean. Very smooth to the palate, with a chocolaty undertone. Nice body to the taste but lacks the richness of the Ethiopian.

    So these are the beans, and what I perceived to be their characteristics. What I want to know though, is there anyone who knows of good blends that can be made with these beans? Any recommendations? please feel free to drop and tell me what may have worked for you or you believe would make a good blend


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    Re: beanbay starter pack blends?

    Hi Sixthlaw, why dont you roast a batch of each of the beans stated and then try different combinations and see what your taste buds enjoy, the Peru and Ethiopian would probably be a good place to start!


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      Re: beanbay starter pack blends?

      Hey greenman,
      I had just roasted a batch before you posted I have tried the Peru and Ethiopia together before, but they were roasted separately. This time I have roasted them together to see the result.
      I just tried the blend after roasting and have more that I will leave to mature a bit.

      Initial thoughts on Peru+Ethiopian Blend:
      Flavour is quite sweet, not very full bodied yet (to be expected as not had time to mature), earthy with a fruity tone, good initial flavour but drops off quite quickly.

      Are there geographic characteristics that some coffee beans have that can fill the holes where a quality is lacking? Say for example: If its lacking body, south american beans. If its lacking a desired fruitiness, african beans. etc.

      It would be handy to have some rough guidelines which beans have certain qualities, or/and which geographical areas have certain qualities. Would be great to have, so if anyone knows anything feel free to say so


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        Re: beanbay starter pack blends?

        Indonesian/Sumatran coffees are good for adding body to a blend, they can take a fairly dark roast adding body and choc notes, check out the KJM blend thread for some good blending info


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          Re: beanbay starter pack blends?

          Yup - what greenman said, except less is more with blending.

          Youd be surprised how little of an Ethiopian you need to lift a blend! The really interesting (to me, anyway!) African beans are detectable in quite low percentages. It also makes them last longer : But Im biased towards that taste ;D

          So Id suggest you start with your "great base bean" and see what modest additions do for you. If you roast them all seperately the cheap scales you get off "the bay" work wonders in making single (but repeatable) cup blends.